The Feast of Art and Culture | Pengfei Group's 2024 New Year Concert Successfully Held


Pengfei, Shanxi


Winter to spring, breeding hope; charm Pengfei, flowers in full bloom. On the evening of December 30, the "Together for the Better" Pengfei Group 2024 New Year Concert hosted by Pengfei Group and assisted by the Conservatory of Music of Shanxi University was successfully held in the auditorium of Pengfei Comprehensive Cultural Plaza. The concert was performed by Lin Tao, a famous conductor and professor of the Department of Conducting of the Central Conservatory of Music, and the famous opera artist Professor Jin Man sang affectionately. The Youth Symphony Orchestra of the Conservatory of Music of Shanxi University, the Chorus of the Conservatory of Music of Shanxi University, and the amateur choir of Pengfei Group jointly presented a unique and soul-shaking audio-visual feast for all Pengfei people.


Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, sent a New Year message. He pointed out that looking back on 2023, which is about to pass, coincides with Pengfei's 30 years of existence. This year, all Pengfei people made concerted efforts to overcome one difficulty after another and achieved one victory after another, showing the image of firm, just, trustworthy and tenacious Pengfei to the whole society.

In 2023, with the hard work of all Pengfei people, Pengfei has made exciting achievements in various fields, such as talent building, information and intelligent construction, "skill specialization and professional industrialization", health cleaning, tamping traditional industries, and broadening the whole hydrogen energy industry chain.

"The future of Pengfei, we want to take a road to promote human health and change the supply of human energy. On this road, we will work hard and make good achievements, and contribute to the promotion of China's high-level security, high-quality development and Chinese-style modernization. Let us look forward to and create a better Pengfei together, embark on a new journey together, and make great strides forward!"

The concert is divided into five chapters: "the sublime of Chinese Bel Canto, the development of Shanxi spirit, the green world, the elegant demeanor of dancing life, and the happiness of singing and singing" -- "believe in ideals, believe in love, believe in the future", "far love", "hero glory", "Spring Sound Waltz", "Sleeping Beauty Waltz", "Pengfei Waltz" (original), "No one sleeps tonight" Red Plum praise "and other classics, the high art enchanted the whole auditorium.


The recitation of the soundtrack poem "Answer Sheet" brought by Pengfei employees pushed the concert to a climax again. The sonorous and powerful language and the live accompaniment of the symphony orchestra were perfectly integrated, interpreting the tenacious character of Pengfei people in cohesion, struggle, and pioneering spirit, so that everyone present The audience was deeply infected and shocked. With the "Radeski March" sounded, the atmosphere of the scene became more and more enthusiastic, the stage and the stage were one, the music and the audience zero distance ...... With the high-pitched chorus "Walking to the Light" sounded, the concert drew a perfect end.


The successful holding of Pengfei Group's 2024 New Year Concert is a perfect combination of corporate needs and the teaching practice of the Conservatory of Music. It not only provides an important practical platform for talent training, professional research, cultural inheritance and innovation of the Conservatory of Music of Shanxi University, but also improves all Pengfei's artistic accomplishment, broadens cultural horizons, and conveys Pengfei's spirit, emotions and values with music, it inspired everyone's enthusiasm for a better life.