President's Speech

     Founded in 1993, Pengfei is a digital, intelligent, circular and green enterprise integrating coal, coke, chemical, electricity, hydrogen energy, intelligent logistics, real estate and cultural tourism, spanning Shanxi, Tianjin, Hubei and other provinces.
For a long time, Pengfei has always adhered to the "national strategy is Pengfei's biggest strategy, the pace of the times is the direction of Pengfei's progress", intensive cultivation of traditional energy, green transformation to create a brand. Through the development of vertical and horizontal integration, we will build brands and enhance competitiveness in traditional energy fields such as coal coking; based on the foundation of traditional industries, we will strongly enter the new energy industry and build the Pengfei hydrogen energy brand.
What we want to take is a green industry road that promotes human health and changes human energy supply. Pengfei sincerely hopes to work with all sectors of society to accelerate the formation of new quality productivity, and contribute to the promotion of my country's high-quality development and Chinese-style modernization through a series of integration of technology, finance, industry, and media!