About Pengfei

About Pengfei


  pengfei state guest hotel:Pengfei State Guest Hotel is a comprehensive business hotel integrating catering, tourism, conference, leisure and entertainment. The hotel is located in Zhenxing East Street, Xiaoyi City, only 2 kilometers away from Xiaoyi Forest Park, Wetland Park and other tourist attractions. It is business negotiation, The best choice for sightseeing and home leisure.


  The hotel has 143 rooms of various colors, including presidential suite and luxury business suite. The hotel has three different catering places, including Chinese restaurant, western restaurant and Japanese food restaurant. It can accommodate 150-800 people, as well as spa sauna, foot road, swimming pool, fitness center and other places, It can provide guests with all kinds of new five-star hotel accommodation, catering, banquet, conference, sports and entertainment integrated services.As one of the characteristic products of the hotel, the catering products are diversified, which can meet the diversified dietary needs of guests and high-level service requirements.


  Pengfei Friendship HotelQinshui Pengfei Friendship Hotel is designed with Sichuan culture, strong modern style and faint Chinese flavor. It is the first high-end and modern catering conference hotel in Qinshui that integrates guest rooms, catering and conferences. The hotel has 214 guest rooms, 11 high-end Chinese food rooms, 3 medium and large conference rooms, 10 small conference rooms and a self-service western restaurant that can accommodate 170 people, it provides high-quality venues and services for holding wedding activities, company dinners, large gatherings, various conferences, academic reports, and holding small and medium-sized theatrical performances.



  jinyuan international hotel:Jinyuan International Hotel is a diversified high-end hotel integrating accommodation, catering, conferences, large-scale weddings, etc. The hotel currently has 132 mid-to-high-end guest rooms, 6 large, medium and small conference rooms with complete facilities and equipment, and theme There are 3 wedding venues, which can accommodate 1000 people at the same time. Suitable for family and friends dinner, business negotiations, team meetings, wedding banquet. Surrounded by fish and water, cultural reserves allow you to enjoy the food while being nurtured physically and mentally.