Party-mass construction

party building

Shanxi Pengfei Group adheres to the tenet of "Party building is productivity", grasps party building and promotes development, pays close attention to the "two roles", adheres to the idea of "party building leadership, party member demonstration, and talents to strengthen the enterprise", and realizes party building work and corporate management, The deep integration of corporate culture continuously transforms the party's political advantages, organizational advantages and advantages of close contact with the masses into corporate governance advantages and market competitive advantages, wade out of a "double strong six good" Pengfei road. In 2020, it was awarded the title of "Party Building Education Demonstration Base" by Shanxi Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce. At present, there are 4 party committees, 13 general party branches and 59 party branches, with a total of more than 960 party members. Nowadays, driven by the "red engine" of party building, Pengfei Group has developed a road of high-quality development that "listens to the party, follows the party, and develops green and low-carbon.







Trade Unions

Pengfei Group has always adhered to the principle of "Party building leads to industrial construction and industrial construction promotes Party building". It has set up trade union organizations in Luliang, Changzhi, Jincheng, Yangquan and other places respectively. It now has 25000 members and the membership rate of employees is 100. It has built a trade union service network such as the Party's innovative theory propaganda station, Mummy's cabin, psychological consultation room, love post station and employee bookstore, so on, so that the employees can truly feel the warmth of the union. In recent years, Pengfei Group has been adhering to the concept of organization and practical rights protection, giving full play to the advantages of trade union functions, actively guiding the development of employees, and building harmonious labor relations. Pengfei Group has gradually formed the "three bright, three to five one" work mode of Pengfei trade union, and has stepped out of a "Party and worker co construction and promoting enterprise development". In 2020, Pengfei won the honorary title of model workers' home in Shanxi Province.










Youth League Committee

The Youth League branch of Pengfei group was established in 2016. There are 8680 young employees. According to the work requirement of "where the youth is, the Youth League organization is built", Pengfei group adheres to the party building and leads the League building, and constantly makes efforts to deepen the reform, such as the organization construction of the Youth League Committee, the management of League cadres, and the education and management of League members, which has played a powerful role in promoting the growth of the majority of young workers. In 2022, in combination with the requirements of deepening the reform of grass-roots organizations of the Communist Youth League, Pengfei Group Youth League Committee was established, with 13 Youth League branches under it. It innovatively built a league organization system with various forms, vertical and horizontal interweaving and effective mobilization, promoted the reform and innovation of league construction, and set up young workers' homes in the group headquarters and factories respectively, so as to promote the orderly union and effective cohesion of youth in all systems and factories, To realize the diversification of organizational ties. In 2022, he was awarded the "May 4th Red Flag League Branch" in Luliang City ".





Women's Federation

Pengfei Group Women's Federation was established in October 2017 and currently has 2966 female employees. In order to gather the strength of the female employee team, stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of female employees, and show the new atmosphere of the majority of female employees as builders of great undertakings, advocates of civilization and fashion, and strivers who dare to pursue their dreams, the Women's Federation of Pengfei Group Company has deeply implemented the quality improvement project for female employees. Starting from the hot spots of female employees' needs and concerns, the grassroots women's working committees organize and carry out a series of various and healthy theme activities for female employees, for cadres and workers ideological "charging", spiritual "calcium", ability "refueling", to help enterprises high-quality development. The Women's Federation of Pengfei Group has successively won the titles of "Advanced Grassroots Women's Federation" and "Excellent Women's Federation" awarded by the Women's Federation of Xiaoyi City and the Women's Federation of the Development Zone.