Pengfei Digital Construction Case Appears in Digital Mine Integration Development and Promotion of Intrinsic Safety Seminar



On January 8, a seminar on the integration and development of digital mines to enhance intrinsic safety was held in Wuhu, Anhui. Pengfei's declaration of "Shanxi Majunyu Changxin Coal Industry Co., Ltd. Smart Vision Three Violations Management Platform" was gloriously selected as "Excellent Case of 2023 Digital Mine Integration and Development to Improve Intrinsic Safety Level". A total of 20 cases were selected nationwide, with both industry benchmarking and demonstration leading significance.

Zhang Xuanming, vice president of Pengfei Group, and Liu Feng, director of the Digital Intelligence Center, attended the event as representatives to discuss the construction and development of mines in the new era with experts, scholars and industry elites, and share Pengfei's new achievements in promoting the construction of smart mines. New results have been achieved in production safety, quality improvement and efficiency, and new breakthroughs have been made in technological innovation.



When sharing the case, Liu Feng said that Pengfei actively explored the best production mode, the best production efficiency and the safest production guarantee, completed the construction of intelligent mines represented by Changxin Coal Mine under the group, and formed a series of digital mine application results such as AI intelligent identification and three violations management. Now it has landed in 135 kinds of underground intelligent algorithm scenarios, covering the whole production process of "mining, digging, machine, transportation and communication" in mines.

Pengfei has realized the deep integration and opening of intelligent vision capability, data center and enterprise OA collaborative office system by opening up the data link between the front-end safety management system and the group data center, and realized the closed loop of enterprise safety supervision business application of "automatic early warning, automatic push and automatic disposal". Guided by the dual prevention mechanism, intelligent vision and multi-dimensional data analysis are integrated, through the safety management cockpit, the risk situational awareness and trend prediction of the three violations management of enterprise safety production are realized. At present, the recognition accuracy rate of the three-violation management platform algorithm is above 95%, realizing second-level risk recognition and minute-level event disposal, successfully increasing the management efficiency by 10 times, reducing the accident rate by 90%, reducing the operating cost by 12%, reducing the production cost by 20%, increasing the production efficiency by 40%, and effectively improving the coal mine production management.



In addition to the excellent cases selected this time, Pengfei Changxin Coal Mine has fully affirmed the effectiveness of implementing "video intelligence against three violations" through digital intelligence construction. In 2023, it was promoted by Shanxi Bureau of State Mine Safety Supervision Bureau as a typical article on smart mine construction, and was rated as "Excellent Case of Smart Mine Digital Intelligence of the Year" by China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute (Sadie Network) ", and through the national integration of the highest AAA level certification.

Promoting the digital transformation of mines is not only the proper meaning of building a powerful country in science and technology and manufacturing, but also related to the construction quality of safe China and digital China. Pengfei will continue to play the leading role of intelligent manufacturing in industrial transformation, actively promote the construction of intelligent mines, create more new models and new formats for the integrated development of digital mines, and provide strong support and more Pengfei cases for promoting the high-level safety and high-quality development of mines across the country.

The seminar on the integration and development of digital mines and the promotion of intrinsic safety is sponsored by the Department of policies, regulations and scientific and technological equipment of the State Administration of Mine Safety and the China Economic Information Society of Xinhua News Agency. The purpose of the activity is to show the practical application effect of digital technology in improving the safety level of the mining industry, and further promote the safe, green and high-quality development of the mining industry.