Subverting traditional concepts to achieve transformation and upgrading, energy conservation and carbon reduction delegation fully affirmed Pengfei's industrial layout.




On the afternoon of October 25, a delegation from the theme conference of "Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction, Green and Low-Carbon Future" in Shanxi Province visited Pengfei for research. Yan Yongzhe, deputy director of the National Energy Conservation Center, and Sun Xiaoyong, director of the Energy Conservation and Technology Equipment Division of Shanxi Energy Bureau, etc. Leaders attended; Wang Jianming, Director of Luliang Energy Bureau, Xue Zhiqiang, Deputy Mayor of Xiaoyi City, Wang Yanyan, zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, as well as China Development Reform News, China Energy News and other media professionals conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the theme of the conference.



Zheng Peng extended a warm welcome to the delegation, and sincerely thanked the National Energy Conservation Center and governments at all levels for their long-term care and support to Pengfei. He pointed out that Shanxi is a typical resource-based province in the country and looks forward to launching carbon emissions in Shanxi. The right trading pilot will gradually expand the market coverage to more high-emission industries, and increase the enthusiasm and initiative of enterprises to actively carry out energy-saving transformation, low-carbon technology research and increase carbon sinks; it is hoped that more powerful policy support will be given to enterprises through green procurement, green credit and tax incentives in the promotion of hydrogen energy heavy trucks. He said that Pengfei will steadily promote the diversified application scenarios of the hydrogen energy industry chain, do a good job of demonstration and leadership, and "hydrogen refueling" for the high-quality development and modernization of China's energy industry ".



Xue Zhiqiang introduced Xiaoyi's industrial development and the progress of "double control" of energy consumption, stressing that in the development of hydrogen energy, the construction of Pengwan Hydrogen Port Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park has been strongly promoted, and a complete industrial chain of "gas-station-transportation-vehicle" has been formed. In the future, Pengfei will be based on the promotion of hydrogen energy heavy cards around Xiaoyi, driving the healthy and orderly development of the hydrogen energy industry chain. He suggested that the investment in air pollution prevention and control funds and heavy truck transportation methods should be the focus of the implementation of policy adjustments.



After listening to the report, Wang Jianming said that the Luliang Energy Bureau will strengthen communication with enterprises, increase policy support and resource tilt for energy transformation, adhere to service first, help and help, and effectively solve the problems of enterprises in terms of resource and environmental constraints. The outstanding problems of the company help companies achieve the urgent needs of sustainable development.



Yan Yongzhe pointed out that this Pengfei survey has yielded a lot, subverting the previous view that Shanxi Province is dominated by heavy industry, with high energy consumption and low energy utilization efficiency, especially the layout of Pengfei hydrogen energy industry chain, which has opened up many industrial chains from coal to coke to chemical industry and hydrogen energy, and is in the forefront of the country. Its successful experience and practice, worthy of vigorous promotion. In the next step, the National Energy Conservation Center will continue to do a good job in the interpretation of energy conservation and carbon reduction policies and consulting services in the light of the actual conditions and needs of localities and enterprises, so as to provide strong support for achieving the goal of green and high-quality development.



When presiding over the meeting, Sun Xiaoyong pointed out that this discussion is the best way to listen to opinions, discover problems, and solve problems. In the future, he will actively build a platform for government-enterprise exchanges, listen to the opinions and suggestions of enterprises and the grassroots, answer together on the same frequency, and make efforts in the same direction. Contribute Shanxi's strength to the realization of the "double carbon" goal.



Before the meeting, the delegation visited Pengfei City Hydrogenation Integrated Energy Island, Pengfei Coking Plant, Methanol Hydrogen Heat Source Plant, Pengwan Hydrogen Port Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park, Water Electrolysis Green Hydrogen Production Site, Pengwan Hydrogen Port Collection and Control Center, 5g Central Dispatch Command and Management Center, etc. to learn more about Pengfei's industrial layout, hydrogen energy industry development and future planning.