About Pengfei

About Pengfei

Pengfei Culture

Pengfei enterprise culture core spirit

1. Pengfei Mission: Creating Happiness for People with Heart Pengfei Cause

2. Pengfei Vision: To Become the World's Leading Clean Energy Smart Enterprise

3. Pengfei Values: Love, Innovation and Pragmatic Leadership

4. Pengfei Pursuit: Today's Glory to See Pengfei

5. Pengfei Spirit (8-character Policy): Loyalty Noble Cohesion Enterprising

6. Pengfei Style (16-word Guidelines for Doing Things):change thought Keep up with the times Facing difficulties Pursuit of perfection

7. Pengfei people: a group of persistent dreamers



Pengfei Sihui Pattern


Enterprise LOGO Ratio: 8.48:2.3



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