People's Daily see Shanxi | Shanxi Pengfei Group: research and development of clean energy to promote green development


Pengfei, Shanxi


On December 25, the 13th edition of the "People's Daily" special report with the theme of "promoting brand building and building a first-class enterprise" published an article signed by Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, "Research and Development of Clean Energy to Promote Green Development", "People's Daily Client Shanxi Channel" is specially reprinted.


Green is the bright background of high-quality development, and Pengfei keeps on practicing the concept of green development.

Hydrogen energy is a kind of secondary energy with rich sources, green and low carbon, and widely used, which is of great significance for building a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system. Pengfei Group has always built its brand and enhanced its competitiveness in traditional energy fields such as coal coking through integrated development. Based on the foundation of traditional industries, Pengfei Group aims at new energy industries and builds Pengfei hydrogen energy brand.

Focusing on the world and looking to the future, Pengfei Group is based on the development of the times, laying out the hydrogen energy industry in an all-round way, speeding up the construction of the whole industrial chain of "gas-station-transport-car", and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises in an all-round way. Pengfei's strategic objectives for future development are becoming more and more clear.

Help build a small town with hydrogen energy characteristics and activate new kinetic energy for development. Pengfei Group is fully planning to lay out the science and technology demonstration project of "Hydrogen into Wanjia Hydrogen Energy Town", taking hydrogen energy economy as the starting point and relying on Pengfei Hydrogen Energy Base to build a 100 billion-level hydrogen energy industry.

Help develop green travel and advocate green lifestyle. Pengfei Group promotes the application of hydrogen energy and promotes the popularization of green lifestyle by developing hydrogen fuel cell buses, passenger cars, motorcycles and other vehicles.

Promote the healthy development of the hydrogen energy industry and let Pengfei hydrogen energy brand benefit more people. Relying on the hydrogen energy industry foundation of Pengwan Hydrogen Port, we will build hydrogen-rich water and other hydrogen energy characteristic agricultural brands, so that more consumers can enjoy green products.

In the future, Pengfei Group will continue to work with all parties to accelerate the formation of new quality productivity and contribute to the promotion of high-quality economic development.