China Enterprise Culture Research Association Announces Praise, Pengfei Enterprise Culture Case



Summit Introduction

From November 16th to 18th, the 20th Sino-foreign Corporate Culture Summit was held in Nanjing. More than 500 corporate guests, experts and scholars from all over the country attended the summit.


As one of the largest and influential high-end corporate culture exchange platforms in the country, the "Sino-foreign Corporate Culture Summit" has been held for 19 sessions since 2003. With the theme of "Summarizing the Ten Years of Corporate Culture in the New Era and Exploring the Cultural Path of Digital Transformation", this summit aims to summarize the experience of Chinese corporate culture construction and management in the new era and ten years, and promote the in-depth integration of corporate culture and corporate production, operation, and management in the new era Experience and outstanding achievements, study and explore the cultural path and development trend of enterprise digital transformation, and earnestly shoulder the new cultural mission together with the vast number of enterprises and institutions at a new historical starting point.

Pengfei Enterprise Culture Case Praised

At the meeting, the China Enterprise Culture Research Association released the results of the summary and evaluation of typical experiences, typical cases and advanced experiences of enterprise culture in the new era in 2023, and also reported the results of the final acceptance and evaluation of enterprise culture research projects in 2023. Pengfei Group's Corporate Culture Construction Case List--

"Under the background of the new era, leading the enterprise to recast brilliance with the spirit of Pengfei -- a typical case of corporate culture construction of Pengfei Group" was rated as the advanced experience of "ten years of corporate culture in the new era.

The research result of Pengfei Group's corporate culture construction, "Party building empowers corporate culture to lead Pengfei's high-quality development", was recognized by the expert group of the Academic Committee and praised in a circular.


For a long time, Pengfei Group has thoroughly studied and implemented Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, insisted on implementing "Party building is productivity" and "corporate culture is productivity", and took multiple measures to create "political pilotage, ideological guidance, red engine" Pengfei Party building brand, leading the high-quality development of the enterprise with high-quality party building. After 30 years of accumulation and tempering, Pengfei Group has formed the Pengfei spirit and corporate culture system with "seeing Pengfei brilliantly today" as its lifelong pursuit. it provides a strong spiritual power and cultural support for promoting the green development of the enterprise, innovative development, energy transformation, building the whole hydrogen energy industry chain and talent construction.