Xinhua News Agency Concerned Report Pengfei: Striving to Be the World's Leading Clean Energy Smart Enterprise


Pengfei, Shanxi


On January 5, the client of Xinhua News Agency paid close attention to the development process of Pengfei and published an article entitled "Pengfei Group: striving to be the world's leading clean energy and intelligent enterprise.




At present, the global energy industry has undergone profound changes, the process of replacing traditional energy with new energy has accelerated, and traditional fossil energy companies have accelerated their transition to clean energy. Since the new energy security strategy of "four revolutions and one cooperation" was put forward, Shanxi Pengfei Group (hereinafter referred to as Pengfei Group) has actively transformed, extended the industrial chain, promoted the clean and intelligent development of the coal industry, vigorously developed the hydrogen energy industry chain, laid out intelligent logistics, and made continuous progress in the direction of digital intelligence, recycling and greening.


Pengfei Group, headquartered in Xiaoyi City, Shanxi Province, is one of China's top 500 and one of the top 100 private enterprises. Over the past 30 years, Pengfei Group has continuously improved its industrial layout, involving raw coal mining, clean coal washing, coke smelting, modern coal chemical industry, automobile manufacturing, intelligent logistics, high-end real estate, cultural tourism hotels, reuse of waste materials and the whole industrial chain of hydrogen energy.



Improve the digital intelligence ability of the park


In order to promote the scientific and safe operation of coal mines and coal chemical enterprises, Pengfei Group strives to improve the intrinsic safety level of production and minimize the safety production risks caused by illegal command and illegal operation through the intelligent visual management platform.The intelligent visual management platform uses video monitoring equipment to intelligently identify people, objects, behaviors, environment, etc. in the video, deeply integrate with the data center, actively push early warning information to the information receiving end of management personnel, serve enterprise security control, device control and other fields, and reduce costs and increase efficiency for enterprise operation and management.


The intelligent visual management platform gathers intelligent video analysis data, original high-point monitoring video, business system data and other production management related data in a centralized way, and carries out analysis and all-round real-time display to open up data isolated islands and view the safety production management status of enterprises on one screen. In addition, with mobile applications, efficient linkage, automatic early warning, automatic push and automatic assessment, the formation of business closed loop.At the level of safety supervision, it covers the whole scene of underground production safety, and monitors the hidden dangers of production operations in real time. At the production and operation level, visual analysis is carried out on the abnormal state of the conveyor belt to realize real-time monitoring, monitoring is carried out on the coal pile left in the carriage of the factory transport vehicle, blocking the phenomenon of coal theft and coal leakage, and improving the quality and efficiency of production management. At the business management level, the office automation system, bulk material management system, data center, etc. are coordinated to open up data islands and improve linkage efficiency.



Layout of hydrogen energy industry chain


In recent years, Pengfei Group has taken the layout of the entire hydrogen energy industry chain as a strategic choice to promote the clean development of the industry, continuously extending the hydrogen energy industry chain, continuing to tackle key technical problems, and achieving remarkable results. In December 2023, at the conference on the promotion of new industrialization and the revitalization and upgrading of manufacturing industry in Shanxi Province, Pengfei Group was awarded the "chain owner" enterprise of hydrogen energy industry chain in Shanxi Province's key industrial chain.In terms of hydrogen production, in July 2022, Pengfei Group's 20000-ton/year coke oven gas hydrogen production project was completed and put into operation; in August 2023, the country's first coking dry-out coke waste heat power generation supporting 3 × 500 Nm3/h water electrolysis green hydrogen production project was officially put into operation in Pengfei Group. At present, Pengfei Group is vigorously developing renewable energy water electrolysis hydrogen production projects to promote the green development of hydrogen energy from the source.


In terms of application, in early 2022, Pengfei Group obtained the qualification of commercial vehicle manufacturing by holding Dongfeng Special Automobile Co., Ltd. In November 2022, the first batch of 100 hydrogen energy heavy trucks was put into operation; in 2023, hydrogen energy buses, hydrogen energy CMB, hydrogen energy loaders, hydrogen energy buses and second-generation hydrogen energy heavy trucks were put into operation one after another. It is estimated that 500 hydrogen-electric shared bicycles will be put into operation in March 2024, and the number is expected to reach 3000 by the end of the year.


In terms of technical research, Pengfei Group and domestic and foreign head enterprises multi-party cooperation, in fuel cells, hydrogen energy storage and transportation and other aspects of continuous research card neck technology. The first is to deepen strategic cooperation with Shanghai Hydrogen Morning, Shanghai Kunhua, Zhejiang Lanneng and other companies to build hydrogen energy equipment manufacturing industries such as reactors, fuel cells and hydrogen storage systems, and to cooperate with companies such as Remodeling and Czech Hydrogen to develop and promote the application of hydrogen energy vehicles. The second is to cooperate with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Taiyuan University of Technology, North University of China and other institutions to jointly build a joint laboratory of advanced manufacturing technology for fuel cell vehicles, a key laboratory of advanced carbon-based electrical grade materials in Shanxi Province, and carry out scientific research projects such as the R & D and manufacturing of type IV high-pressure hydrogen storage containers. Third, the transformation base of hydrogen energy achievements in Shanxi Province and the pilot base of key technologies in the whole industry chain of hydrogen energy in Shanxi Province have been approved by the Science and Technology Department of Shanxi Province.


In the future, Pengfei Group will focus on building a hydrogen energy industry chain integrating hydrogen production, storage and transportation, filling, application, research and development and equipment manufacturing, and further expand hydrogen energy application scenarios. Pengfei is making every effort to plan the layout of the "hydrogen into ten thousand families, hydrogen energy town" science and technology demonstration project, actively promote the application of hydrogen energy in various fields, and build a 100 billion hydrogen energy industry economy.



Development of low-carbon smart transportation


Pengfei Group has a professional container handling and transportation team, with container "point-to-point, door-to-door" transport capacity. Up to now, the company has the ability to load 60 trains per month, continuously expand the container transportation business, move towards the specialization and industrialization of container transportation, and continuously improve its profitability.


Zheng Peng, chairman and president of Pengfei Group, said that the self-provided container railway transportation project marks Pengfei Group's entry into the stage of modern green logistics and the transformation from "low-carbon" operation to "zero-carbon" operation. It is one of the earliest enterprises in Shanxi Province and even the whole country to realize "zero-carbon" loading and "zero-carbon" transportation, Pengfei has made contributions to protecting the environment, reducing carbon emissions and achieving the goal of "double carbon. In terms of smart logistics, Pengfei Group has set up a "10,000 heavy truck logistics" operation platform and a nationwide "zero-carbon smart logistics technology" operation and management platform. In 2023, both platforms will enter the trial operation stage. The zero-carbon intelligent logistics platform will provide services for logistics companies and self-employed operators entering the platform in the whole life cycle of logistics, such as holding vehicles, providing supply of goods, efficient scheduling, energy supply, delivery settlement, vehicle disposal, etc., to create a network car platform in the field of bulk materials.