Knowledge Empowerment and Innovation-Driven -- Pengfei's "Three-Type" Industrial Worker Team Building Fruits



Autumn in October, the harvest season.

-- On October 29, the 4th Luliang Vocational Skills Competition jointly sponsored by the Luliang Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Education Bureau, the Finance Bureau, the Federation of Trade Unions and the Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League came to an end, from 13 counties (cities, districts) and cities in the city. 1230 people from the municipal team competed on the same stage. Representatives of Pengfei Industrial Workers have achieved excellent results: Shang Yang, an employee of the Methanol Hydrogen Heat Source Plant, and Zhao Luyu, an employee of Pengfei Guobin Hotel, won the first and second places in the two projects of industrial control and hotel reception. They will also be awarded the honorary titles of "Luliang Technical Champion" and "Luliang Technical Expert" respectively by the Luliang Labor Competition Committee.



-Recently, the "Notice on the Evaluation Results of the Province's Five Small Innovation Contest in 2023" was released. Shanxi Pengfei Group and Pengfei Qinhe Hosun Coal Mine won the winning unit of the "Five Small" Innovation Contest in 2023 in Shanxi Province. Pengfeiqin and "A Belt Automatic Adjustment Device" were awarded the second prize, Pengfeiqin and "Main Fan Explosion-proof Cover Alarm Device" were awarded the third prize.

From October 31st to November 2nd, in the 2023 Shanxi "Five Small" Innovation Competition Outstanding Achievements Exhibition hosted by the Shanxi Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, the Communist Youth League Shanxi Provincial Committee, and the Shanxi Provincial Science and Technology Association, Pengfei Group's "Container Automatic Flat Focus Device" Nine innovative achievements including "Longmen Hydraulic Press" and "Main Fan Explosion-proof Cover Alarm Device" were unveiled in the Luliang Exhibition Area and Jincheng Exhibition Area respectively. Among them, the Pengfei Coking Plant project "Container Automatic Flat Coking Device" as the highlight of this exhibition has received widespread attention. It is understood that the project is in the trial operation stage, which can save more than 600 million yuan in labor costs every year, effectively reduce the safety hazards of operators, and can also be used in coal mine flat coal operations through improvement in the future.



The achievement of honor is the epitome and embodiment of Pengfei's reform in the construction of industrial workers in recent years. Since the reform and construction of the industrial worker team in 2017, with the guidance and help of provincial and municipal party committees and governments at all levels and trade unions, Pengfei has continued to promote employee innovation studios and skills training with the "five small" innovation competition and job skills competition activities as the starting point. The establishment of the base has fully mobilized the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of industrial workers to make contributions, and created a team of knowledge-based, skilled and innovative industrial workers.



Innovation is the first driving force to lead development and the key driving force to realize the leapfrog development of enterprises. Pengfei combines innovation work with production reform policies, promotes enterprise transformation through the transformation of industrial workers, and cooperates with major universities to establish science and technology associations, doctoral workstations, post-doctoral workstations, etc., so that industrial workers and outstanding technical experts can work side by side; and The innovation studios of various units under the group jointly established an innovation studio alliance to build an innovation platform for industrial workers and realize the deep integration of industry, university and research.

Up to now, Pengfei has set up 12 employee innovation studios, 1 innovation incubation base and 1 innovation studio alliance. Through the innovation platform, 2921 people have upgraded their skills and more than 500 people have been promoted. In recent years, a total of 90000 employees have participated in the "five small" innovation activities, and more than 12000 innovation achievements have been completed, including 20 at the provincial level, 34 at the municipal level and 39 at the county level, with a total income of more than 0.8 billion yuan.



"Change is innovation, and post-based improvement is also innovation. Anything is possible as long as you want." Zheng Peng, chairman and president of Pengfei Group's board of directors, proposed that "innovation is productivity". Each unit is evaluated from the four aspects of "technological innovation, information innovation, management innovation and service innovation". Since 2022, Pengfei has accumulated 0.92 billion yuan in technological innovation, 0.288 billion yuan in information innovation and more than 70 items of management innovation, service innovation has achieved remarkable results.

In the future, Pengfei will take the innovation studio as the traction and industrial workers as the main force, continue to carry out "five small competitions" and skill competitions, create innovation studio clusters, transform innovation into enterprise productivity, and make new and greater contributions to Pengfei's comprehensive intelligence and industrial modernization.