Pengfei Group and Qinshui County Government Held Project Docking Symposium and Reached Consensus on Project Promotion


Pengfei, Shanxi


On the afternoon of February 28, Pengfei Group and Qinshui County Government held a project docking forum. Yan Jinzhong, deputy secretary of Qinshui County Party Committee and county magistrate, and Zheng Peng, chairman and president of Pengfei Group, attended the meeting. Yu Xiaoli, deputy magistrate of Qinshui County, heads of functional departments such as the Development Zone Management Committee, Government Office, Culture and Tourism Bureau, Natural Resources Bureau, Electric Power Company, and relevant persons in charge of Pengfei Group attended the forum.



At the meeting, the participants conducted in-depth exchanges and docking on projects such as the production of new materials from coalbed methane and the tourism development of Xiangyu Castle.



On behalf of Qinshui County Party Committee and County Government, Yan Jinzhong expressed his heartfelt thanks to Pengfei Group for its long-term support and investment in county development. He pointed out that Qinshui has outstanding people and rich resources, and has a deep development foundation and strong development potential, which provides a good foundation for in-depth and all-round cooperation between the two sides. It is hoped that the two sides will take this forum as a new starting point, in line with the principle of "sincere cooperation and jointly create the future", in-depth communication and docking, speed up the implementation of the project, and add new impetus to the all-round and high-quality development of Qinshui. Relevant departments are required to pay close attention to the needs of the project, take the initiative to provide front-line services, do their best to ensure the factors such as policies, land, funds, and handling of preliminary procedures, and find ways to break through the difficult and blocking problems, so as to create good conditions for the smooth progress of the project. It is necessary to reverse the construction period, clarify the time limit, divide the responsibility, and work together to promote the project to land early, start early, put into production early, and achieve early results.



Zheng Peng spoke highly of the high-quality business environment provided by the Qinshui County Party Committee and County Government for a long time, saying that the original intention of tourism cooperation investment is to give back to the society and seek the well-being of the local people. Pengfei in Qinshui is to actively respond to the call of the county party committee and county government to do things that others cannot do. This is Pengfei's most simple social responsibility. Pengfei Group will quickly carry out substantive docking, make solid preparations for the project, ensure that the project is built at the fastest speed, jointly built by enterprises and localities, mutual benefit and win-win, and contribute more to the economic and social development of Qinshui.