The signing ceremony between Pengfei Group and Qinshui County on the cooperative development of Xiangyu Castle was held.


Pengfei, Shanxi



Riding on the east wind of the successful convening of the National Two Sessions, on the morning of March 11, Pengfei Group and Qinshui County Cultural Tourism Investment Co., Ltd. signed a signing ceremony for the cooperative development of Xiangyu Castle Scenic Area in Pengfei Friendship Hotel.



Ren Caihong, Secretary of Qinshui County Party Committee, Yan Jinzhong, Deputy Secretary of Qinshui County Party Committee and County Mayor, Yu Xiaoli, Deputy County Mayor, Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, and Lu Xiaofang, Deputy General Manager of Administration attended the ceremony. Yan Jinzhong presided over the ceremony. Qinshui County, the relevant functional departments, township heads, Pengfei Group, the relevant person in charge to participate.

At the signing ceremony, Wang Qingyu, director of China Travel Scenic Project, reported on the development concept of Xiangyu Castle. Professor Yuan Fu, Senior Advisor of China Travel Service Group, made a general speech on Xiangyu Castle Project.



Zheng Peng extended a warm welcome to all the leaders who came to the signing site and expressed his sincere gratitude to Qinshui county party Committee and county government for the high-quality business environment they have provided for a long time. he said that the cooperative development of xiangyu castle is another benchmark project of cultural tourism and health care created by pengfei group in Qinshui county after pengfei friendship hotel, city god temple commercial plaza and Liu family residence. With a strong feeling for this hot land, Pengfei Group will cooperate with Qinshui County to dig deep into the cultural heritage, improve supporting facilities, use market thinking, upgrade the grade of scenic spots, enhance tourism experience, enhance people's livelihood and well-being, and effectively improve the quality of life of residents, turn Xiangyu Castle into a famous tourist castle and open castle, and help Qinshui County transform its unique cultural tourism resources into the advantage of high-quality transformation and development, to contribute Pengfei power to the beautiful and happy new Qinshui.



On behalf of the county party committee and the county government, Ren Caihong thanked Pengfei Group for its long-term contribution to the development of Qinshui, and emphasized that through cooperation in the coal industry, hotels, commerce, cultural tourism and many other fields in recent years, Pengfei Group has become more and more deeply integrated. In the historical process of high-quality development of Qinshui, it has become a partner with the people of Qinshui County to breathe and share a common destiny. Ren Caihong requested that all departments at all levels should take the initiative to communicate, implement service guarantees, realize the precise docking of industries, funds, and projects as soon as possible, accelerate the pace of cooperative development, and show the results of cooperative operations, so that the Xiangyu Ancient Fort, the Pearl of the Qinhe River, will glow with new Vitality and vitality.



Lv Xiaofang, deputy general manager of Pengfei Group, and Liu Tianming, chairman of Qinshui County Cultural Tourism Investment, respectively signed contracts with Qinshui County on behalf of Pengfei Group for the cooperative development of Xiangyu Castle Scenic Area.