Xiaoyi City, the second session of the coking industry labor skills competition a complete success! Pengfei Group Fruitful


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On August 18, the second labor skills competition of coking industry in Xiaoyi City, with the theme of "based on the post, striving for the first place, making contributions to high-quality transformation and development, and striving to be the most beautiful worker in the new era", came to a successful conclusion in Pengfei coking plant. Pengfei Group's representative team won 4 of the 5 seats in the first prize, with the total number of winners occupying 1/2 of the total number of seats. Once again, it proves the technical strength of Pengfei industrial workers to the whole industry, and shows the new achievements of Pengfei trade union organization's continuous expansion of industrial worker team construction and reform.

Yan Xiangjue, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Xiaoyi Municipal People's Congress and chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions, attended the opening ceremony and announced the start of the game!

Xiaoyi City Federation of Trade Unions Vice Chairman Zhang Yangling, Wang Xiaohua, Guo Xiangdong, Pengfei Group Federation of Trade Unions Chairman Lu Xiaofang, and Coking Deputy General Manager Dong Shumao attended the opening ceremony.




In this competition, there are eight teams and 78 contestants from the coking industry in the city. Pengfei Coking Plant and Methanol Plant are divided into two competition areas to compete in five items: electrician, gas welding, electric welding, NaOH standard solution calibration and clean coal volatile content determination. The competition was fierce, and the on-the-spot mentality and skill level of the players were obvious. Everyone is calm and meticulous in the operation, and also holds the belief that they will win, fighting for themselves and winning glory for the enterprise.

During the competition, Yan Xiangjue, all the guests and the cadres of the enterprise trade union went deep into the competition site, had a cordial conversation with the staff and referees present, understood the progress of the competition, fully affirmed the contribution made by Pengfei Group to the competition, and expressed sincere thanks.

Since its establishment, Pengfei Group Trade Union Federation has always taken "creating the warmest heart trade union organization with voice, influence and action" as its purpose, giving full play to the role of industrial workers as the main force, providing all kinds of training platforms for employees, so that every employee has the opportunity to learn and improve, and undertaking this labor skills competition is to go all out and organize meticulously, Strive to promote learning and improve the level of professional skills in the industry through competition, for the development of the coking industry to add luster.

It is a wonderful competition to promote learning by competition and training by learning, which fully carries forward the spirit of model workers and craftsmen, and creates a glorious social fashion of labor and a professional atmosphere of excellence.

The competition ended successfully in the singing of "We Workers Have Power!