"Pengfei Cup" National College Students' Chemical Design Competition Northwest Division Final Opens in and


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The beginning of autumn solar term is approaching, the sky is high and the clouds are light, and the vegetation is verdant.

The campus of Taiyuan University of Technology, located on Yingze West Street, is crowded with colorful flags. The finals of the Northwest Division of the 14th National College Student Chemical Design Competition, sponsored exclusively by Pengfei Group, opened here on August 2.

In order to support the national epidemic prevention and control work, teams from 42 universities in 6 provinces and autonomous regions in northwest China, including Taiyuan Institute of Technology, Lanzhou Institute of Technology, Xi'an Engineering, Northwest Normal University and Xinjiang Normal University, competed online for the highest award in chemical design for college students through the Internet.

Liu Runxiang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Taiyuan University of Technology, and Ma Xiaolong, assistant to the president of Pengfei Group, attended the opening ceremony. Liu Runxiang awarded Ma Xiaolong the medal of "Supporting College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Outstanding Contribution Enterprise", which represents a new substantive stage of the strong alliance between the province's highest university of science and technology and the leading private coal coking enterprises.

In his speech, Liu Runxiang expressed his heartfelt thanks to Pengfei Group for its strong support for the competition, and hoped that the competition would become a "carnival" for academic exchanges among the majority of chemical students. Through the exchange and discussion of scientific and technological innovation education concepts and engineering practical experience, he enlightened ideas, broadened his horizons, exercised innovative thinking and enhanced innovation ability.

On behalf of Pengfei Group and Chairman Zheng Peng, Ma Xiaolong extended his warmest congratulations to the competition organizing committee and participating representatives, and introduced the great achievements of Pengfei Group since the reform and opening up. At the same time, it said that as a top 500 private enterprises, Pengfei always takes talents as the foundation of development, technological innovation as the driving force of development, and attaches great importance to talent introduction, technological innovation and deep integration of industry, university and research.




Ma Xiaolong sent a strong signal to the college students in the Northwest Division-Pengfei will always open its arms to aspiring talents and people of insight, go hand in hand and create brilliance together. At the same time, universities and enterprises are called on to actively respond to the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's visit to Shanxi and the requirements of the provincial party committee and the provincial government in terms of transformation and development, actively and extensively carry out school-enterprise cooperation, and deeply promote the transformation and upgrading of the coal and coke chemical industry in the new era.

Representatives attending the opening ceremony visited the MAT virtual simulation laboratory of the school of chemical engineering of Taiyuan university of technology. ma Xiaolong conducted on-site exchanges with experts from universities in six northwestern provinces, exchanged in-depth views on the industrial application of chemical scientific research projects, and went to the online command center of each competition area to watch the competition.

It is understood that Pengfei Group has vigorously supported the development of culture, sports and public health in recent years. It has invested more than 2000 million yuan to sponsor the second National Youth Games, the 2018 "Pengfei Cup" International Basketball Challenge and other sports events, invested in the construction of Qinshui County Pengfei Basketball Plaza, and donated more than 600 million yuan to Red Cross Societies at all levels during the epidemic, which has won high recognition and evaluation from all walks of life.