Xiaoyi City's first CDQ project-Pengfei Group CDQ project 1# CDQ furnace successfully put into operation


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On August 20, Xiaoyi City's first dry coke quenching project-Pengfei Group dry coke quenching project No. 1 dry coke quenching furnace was successfully put into operation, marking the city's coking industry officially entered the era of dry coke quenching, in order to help win the battle against pollution and promote the high-quality transformation and development of the coking industry contributed to Pengfei's strength.

Xiaoyi Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Government Mayor Wang Tinghong, Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Director Li Diansheng, Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee Member and Executive Deputy Mayor Zhang Youquan, Deputy Mayor Wang Yong and other leaders, as well as Beijing Huatai Yongchuang Company Chairman Xu Lie attended the commissioning ceremony.

Pengfei Group Chairman and President Zheng Peng warm reception.

At the central dispatching and command center of Pengfei Group, the leaders attending the ceremony had a better understanding of the application results of Pengfei Group's "5G Smart Coal Chemical Industry" by watching feature films, listening to reports, and experiencing remote intelligent security control on the spot. Chairman Zheng Peng also gave a detailed introduction on the application of explosion-proof wheeled inspection robot and high-definition eagle-eye camera in methanol plant.

Pengfei Group set up the commissioning ceremony of the No.1 CDQ furnace of the CDQ project at the group headquarters. Through the application of 5G technology, it realized the remote command of the CDQ commissioning site 14 kilometers away. By means of live broadcast, the whole process of red coke throwing was simultaneously presented at the headquarters ceremony site.

Wang Tinghong announced that Pengfei Group Coking CDQ Project was officially put into operation!

Wang Yong delivered a congratulatory message. He said that Pengfei Group, as a benchmark enterprise in the modern coal coke chemical industry in our city, has been adhering to the development concept of green environmental protection, safety and efficiency for many years, leading and promoting the high-quality development of the coal coking industry in our city. The commissioning of the dry coke quenching project has filled the gap in the coking industry in our city, which is of great significance and far-reaching impact on the development of the coking industry in our city. It is hoped that the enterprises settled in the park can take the Pengfei CDQ project into production as the driving force, seize the time, catch up with the progress, grasp the quality and ensure the safety, ensure the production and efficiency of the projects under construction in the park as scheduled, and provide a strong guarantee for the coking industry in our city to take the lead in the transformation and development of a new road.




Chairman Zheng Peng expressed his gratitude to the Xiaoyi Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government, and the Development Zone for their strong support. The CDQ project has overcome various difficulties in the construction process and put into production one month in advance, which is inseparable from the strong leadership of the municipal party committee and municipal government and the concerted efforts of all Pengfei people. The smooth commissioning of the project indicates that Pengfei Group is making rapid progress towards environmental protection Class A coking enterprises, and is an important measure for Pengfei Group to devote itself to high-quality transformation and development and strive to be the vanguard of the energy revolution.

Pengfei Coking Dry Quenching Project can dry quench coke 2.6 million tons/year, recover red coke waste heat can produce 1.6 million tons/year of high temperature and high pressure steam, generate 0.376 billion degrees/year, and increase the annual output value by more than 0.2 billion yuan. After coke quenching by dry method, the coking cost can be reduced by about 10%, the moisture content of coke can be reduced by about 8%, and the steam containing harmful substances discharged can be reduced by about 1.3 million tons/year, which can replace the corresponding coal-fired and steam-fired boilers. It can not only save energy, reduce energy consumption, but also effectively improve air quality, and contribute Pengfei's strength to the beautiful Shanxi with beautiful scenery and blue sky.

In the future, Pengfei Group will always focus on the "five development concepts", accelerate the construction and commissioning of the CDQ project in Xinyu Coking Plant, accelerate the establishment of A- level environmental protection enterprises in Pengfei Coking Plant and the technical application of 5G intelligent coal chemical industry, let the green development concept "take root and sprout", and strive to take the lead in the transformation and development of coal coking!