Cadres and Workers of Xiaoyi Economic Development Zone Visit Coking Section of Group Company


On December 28, more than 50 cadres and employees of the development zone led by Ren Xiuqi, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, and Wu Zhiying, director of the Xiaoyi Economic Development Zone Office, came to the group company to visit and study. Hao Zhiqiang, deputy general manager and general manager of production of the group company, and Wang Xiquan, general manager of methanol LNG and heat source plant, attended the reception.

The team that visited and studied this year was the new employees and some grassroots leaders of the development zone. Under the organization of the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, the on-the-job training courses were extended to the factory workshop. Cadres and workers in the development zone came to the central control room after a detour to visit Pengfei Coking Plant and methanol co-production LNG production base to have a comprehensive understanding of the closed and full-cycle coal chemical industry chain of the group company from raw coal mining, clean coal washing to the layout of coking industry before sand table landscaping. Here, they further experienced many world-leading technologies and equipment adopted by the group company's 5 million-ton coking project production base. Understand the process value and environmental protection value of the group company's chemical projects such as methanol, LNG, synthetic ammonia, needle coke, etc. by making fine coke sections, extending the industrial chain, and laying out the process value and environmental protection value. The commentator specially introduced that this year the group company was selected as the representative of Shanxi's transformation and development by CCTV's second set of economic information broadcast program.

Through on-site visits, the cadres and employees of the development zone expressed admiration and appreciation for the group company's huge industrial layout and modern production and management models, and affirmed the group company's preparations for the establishment of employee family areas to enhance the happiness of the employees. Speaking of, the group company has strong strength, taking into account both justice and benefit in the development process, and through the introduction of advanced technology and equipment, excavating the value points of coal intensive processing, it has realized the simultaneous improvement of economic and ecological benefits. This visit has benefited a lot from learning and has a strong guiding significance for future work.