Leaders of China Workers' Home Investigate Pengfei Trade Union Work


On December 21, Yang Hua, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of China Workers' Home, visited and investigated the construction of Pengfei Trade Union. Zhu Hongsheng, Deputy Inspector of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, Liu Youze, Chairman of the Provincial Financial Trade Union, Liu Lezeng, Director of the Provincial Workers' Activity Center, Wang Haisheng, Executive Vice Chairman of the Luliang City Federation of Trade Unions, Wang Qianping, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Xiaoyi City People's Congress, Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions Yan Xiangjue and other relevant leaders accompanied the investigation.

By watching the Pengfei trade union propaganda film, the research team and his party inspected Pengfei's workers' legal affairs, culture, women's elegant demeanour and other trade union positions, as well as the workers' activity room and the loving "mommy hut", to learn more about the achievements made by the grass-roots trade union organizations in safeguarding the rights and interests of employees, caring for the life of employees, enriching the culture of employees, building a development platform, and serving the transformation of enterprises.

Lu Xiaofang introduced to the research team in detail Pengfei's introduction of universities to Pengfei in recent years, the introduction of famous universities and teachers to Pengfei, the creation of a lifelong learning mechanism for employees, the creation of a technological and learning enterprise, and the establishment of training, learning, competition, and growth platforms for cadres and employees Practice. Based on the inspirational story of Li Xiaodong of Pengfei Coking Plant who grew from a grass-roots employee to a deputy director of Pengfei Coking Plant with technology and knowledge, this paper introduces the salary and treatment of skilled workers and the post promotion mechanism of the trade union.

Li Yang pointed out that it is better to teach them to fish than to teach them to fish. Pengfei trade union cultivates employees' personal skills, knowledge and literacy, so as to seek well-being for their personal abilities and future development, so as to cultivate talents, build teams and strengthen enterprises.

Yang Hua greatly appreciated Pengfei's introduction of universities and famous teachers and the opening of classes in factories. He was even more deeply touched by Pengfei Group's ability as a private enterprise to achieve such a solid foundation in trade union work. He said that education is the greatest welfare for employees, and Pengfei Trade Union's ability to grasp knowledge and skills education from the grassroots level can be described as a long-term vision. It is said that through this survey, we can see that the work of Pengfei trade union is meticulous and shows the love and warmth for the staff and workers. While affirming the work of Pengfei's trade union, we hope to continue to make efforts to do a good job in the work of grass-roots trade unions in enterprises, and at the same time, it can promote the work of trade unions in the whole province to a new level.