Pengfei Group's 2019 New Year's Party Successfully Held


Listen attentively, look back gladly on the fruitful results of 2018, look forward to 2019, and hope is coming. At 8:00 p.m. on December 29, the new year's day party of Pengfei group was held in Pengfei coking plant. More than 300 employees of chairman Zheng Peng and leaders of various systems, factories, mines and departments gathered together to watch the audio-visual feast in the cold winter.

After 25 years of ups and downs, Pengfei has been bravely standing at the forefront of the magnificent history, and can always usher in the best spring. The song "Open Spring" opened the prelude to the New Year's Eve party and opened a happy night for Pengfei people.

Carefully planned, carefully choreographed, "Future First-class Pengfei Pilot", "Green Pengfei, Welcome to the Harvest", "Pengcheng Miles to Create Brilliance", three chapters echelon, climax, songs, recitation, dance, cross talk ...... The unforgettable scenes of passionate performances, singing the brilliant achievements of Pengfei people, read the heroic atmosphere of Pengfei people, dancing the spirit of Pengfei people and expressing the common aspiration of Pengfei people.

On this happy night unique to Pengfei people, Chairman Zheng Peng's annual New Year's speech pushed the party to another climax, driving all Pengfei people's enthusiasm for the New Year.

Singing and dancing to celebrate the harvest, laughing and welcoming the New Year, and then embarking on a glorious journey. After 2 hours of New Year's Eve party, he wrote a colorful movement belonging to Pengfei, depicting a beautiful picture belonging to all Pengfei people. The evening party drew a successful end to the music of "Step by Step". In the brand-new 2019, let's continue to uphold the spirit of Pengfei, share the same chapter and create brilliant future together!