Lvliang City Leaders on Pengfei Key Transformation Project Construction Site Investigation


On August 7, Li Jianguo, member of the standing Committee of the Luliang Municipal CPC Committee, vice mayor of the government, and secretary of the Jiaocheng County CPC Committee, together with the heads of the municipal development and Reform Commission, key offices, and transformation offices, conducted on-site investigations on the construction of key transformation projects such as Pengfei 100000 tons of synthetic ammonia and 400000 tons of Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax. Wang Tinghong, mayor of Xiaoyi municipal government, Zhang Youquan, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor, and Liu Shuhong, deputy director of the Management Committee of Xiaoyi Economic Development Zone, accompanied the investigation. Chairman Zheng Peng warmly received and introduced the relevant situation of the project construction.




The Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government are focusing on the high-quality economic development of the province, accelerating the cultivation of new development momentum, determining 2018 as the construction year of the transformation project to build "Made in Shanxi", establishing and improving various mechanisms to optimize the business environment such as parallel approval, etc. Shanxi has made substantial progress in economic transformation, laid a solid foundation for the construction of a modern industrial economic system, and helped benchmark enterprises like Pengfei to transform into characteristic, high-end and intelligent.




As the forerunner of the transformation and development of the coal coking industry in the whole province, Pengfei always adheres to the development concept of ecology first and environmental protection first, and has been committed to driving the green development, low-carbon development and circular development of enterprises with scientific and technological innovation. the current transformation project under construction, as the key link of Pengfei to improve the closed cycle whole industry chain, will be gradually landed and promoted rapidly according to the plan, make every effort to build a clean energy supply system and modern industrial system based on "Pengfei Manufacturing.




Li Jianguo said that 100000 tons of synthetic ammonia and 400000 tons of Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax are key construction projects for Pengfei Group to extend the industrial chain, increase added value, and achieve a double harvest of ecological and economic benefits. It is also a demonstration project for the transformation and development of the city's coking industry. In accordance with the deployment requirements of the province's transformation project construction year, the progress of project construction should be accelerated, and the development direction and actual results of enterprise transformation and upgrading should be demonstrated, for the whole province, even the whole country's coking industry transformation and upgrading development benchmark, tree model, do demonstration.