Reading Pengfei Management (IV)-Pengfei's System Process


For more than 20 years, Pengfei's belief of "only striving for the first" has continued to lead the company to maintain the development momentum of the industry's vanguard, and has also allowed Pengfei to continue to be a leader in the industry's reputation. While Pengfei is winning the brand strategy, the "three more" issues such as "more meetings, more assessments, and more system processes" have also become the focus of attention. However, these so-called problems gradually become the direction of peer efforts to learn.

Today, the author focuses on understanding Pengfei's system and process. We often put systems and processes together because they are different aspects of the same thing, and the relationship is like two sides of the same coin. In layman's terms, the system is to tell you what you can and should do, what you can't do and shouldn't do, and what responsibilities and consequences you should bear after doing it. The process is to tell you what to do and how to do it better through innovation and optimization of procedures. The system manages people and the process manages things. The two are complementary.

In Pengfei, from small to a seal, large to hundreds of millions of yuan of contracts; from the external image of employees to the improvement of internal quality; from the daily 6S management to the country's blue sky defense; from the daily meeting reception to the organization and service of large-scale activities; from the material guarantee of the production line to the time node of key projects..., there are strict management systems, assessment systems and work processes, the system makes people do nothing wrong, and the process makes people do things efficiently.

Everything has two sides. If there is a system, there will be rewards and assessments. In the Secondary specialized school of "Reading Pengfei Management (III)", we mentioned Pengfei's assessment culture, and also made it clear that Pengfei's assessment culture has been produced and continuously enriched in Pengfei's more than 20 years of practice, which is scientific and reasonable. With the rocket growth of Pengfei's industrial scale, Pengfei's system construction is more perfect and process management is more efficient.

Perfect system construction and efficient business processes help Pengfei continue to lead the industry in the era of high-quality development. However, there are system supervision and process constraints in doing anything, which makes many people who are used to doing things by experience feel bound and pressure. These people always feel that the system is too harsh and the process is too complicated. They always refuse to accept the constraints of the system under the pretext of free play, ignore the existence of the system and process, and eventually have to pay for their own behavior, or demote or reduce their salary, or be eliminated.

The management of the country needs the rule of law. Although the country advocates the rule of virtue, it must be guaranteed by the rule of law. Without the protection of the rule of law, the rule of virtue will become empty talk. The same is true for enterprise management. Pengfei has always advocated cultural management and heart management. However, it also needs to be supported by system management and process management, which is an important guarantee for the continuous and efficient operation of modern enterprises. Therefore, the formation of cultural management must also be the result of long-term adherence to system management and process management.

We know that "doing things you haven't done is growth, doing things you don't want to do is change, and doing things you dare not do is breakthrough". Therefore, when there is an enterprise, a leader, and a system that forces you to break through yourself, surpass yourself, and realize your self-worth, you must learn to be grateful! In Pengfei, the fastest growing people must be those who are forced the most by leaders, colleagues, themselves, and various processes and systems, and are willing to undertake.

In fact, "getting along" with the system and process is just like getting along with people. Do you choose to see its shortcomings, enlarge it infinitely and struggle with it, or choose to see its advantages, accept it frankly and have the courage to implement it. Different choices lead to different results. Choice is greater than effort. Today's choice determines tomorrow's success or failure.

As we mentioned before, many Pengfei people have followed Pengfei for more than ten years. Why didn't Pengfei's strict system and rigorous process scare them away? Why did so many people grow up with Pengfei closely? Because of gratitude and trust. It is also because of this trust of gratitude that Pengfei today has been achieved and today's self has been achieved. The result of gratitude and trust is a win-win situation between Pengfei and every Pengfei person.

In the 25 years of development, Pengfei has proved the scientificity, rationality and foresight of Pengfei's system and process countless times. At the same time, with the rapid advancement of the group's information construction, the integration of systems and processes will be more optimized, and Pengfei's management benefits will be qualitatively improved.