Wei Chengyin, Deputy Director of Lvliang Municipal People's Congress, Investigates the Operation of Pengfei Transformation and Upgrading Project


On August 14, Wei Chengyin, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Luliang Municipal People's Congress, and his party conducted on-site investigation on the operation of Pengfei transformation and upgrading project. xiaoyi city people's congress standing committee deputy director meng linsheng accompanied. Zheng Peng, chairman of the group company, received and introduced the relevant situation of industrial transformation and development.




Wei Chengyin and his party successively went to Pengfei's 400000-ton Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax, million-ton super suspension bed hydrogenation project and methanol co-production LNG production base to conduct on-the-spot investigations to learn in detail the difficulties and problems existing in the development of the enterprise's current transformation and upgrading projects, as well as the new achievements and breakthroughs made in the enterprise's transformation and development.




In the central control room of methanol co-production LNG production base, Chairman Zheng Peng introduced Pengfei's industrial layout from raw coal mining, clean coal production, coke smelting to fine chemical industry in detail, and emphatically introduced the polluting wastes such as waste steam, waste residue and waste oil produced in traditional coal coking enterprises in the past, which will be exhausted in Pengfei's recycling industrial chain, all of them are converted into fine chemical products such as clean energy, pharmaceutical grade wax and clean oil products. The added value of the products has doubled, completely changing the traditional profit model. At the same time, the production of enterprises has truly achieved zero emission and zero pollution.




Wei Chengyin pointed out that the transformation and upgrading of Pengfei's traditional industries has achieved practical results. The advanced environmental protection development concept, zero-emission recycling industry layout, and the overall situation of preparing for this winter's gas shortage are worthy of the city's coking enterprises to learn from. At the same time, the relevant departments will further strengthen the service function according to the development needs of enterprises, effectively promote the quality and efficiency of enterprises, accelerate the transformation and upgrading projects to take root, cultivate the development potential of enterprises, help the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in the city, and continue to steadily move towards high quality development.