Shanxi Coal Enterprise Management Innovation Achievements Release and Experience Exchange Conference Held in Pengfei


Pengfei, Shanxi



On November 24, the 2023 Shanxi Coal Enterprise Management Innovation Achievement Release and Experience Exchange Conference hosted by Shanxi Coal Industry Association and undertaken by Pengfei Qinhe was held in Pengfei Friendship Hotel.

Hou Bingrang, member of the Party group and deputy director of Shanxi Energy Bureau, Li Yingchun, director of the comprehensive Department of China Coal Industry Association, Shao Guorong, Secretary of the Party committee and director of Shanxi Energy Development Center, Zhai Hong, chairman of Shanxi Coal Industry Association, Yuan Qianjin, member of the Party group and deputy director of Jincheng Energy Bureau, Li Zhangjun, President of Jincheng Coal Industry Association, Li Xiaobin, member of the Standing Committee of Qinshui County Committee and executive deputy county, more than 150 people attended the meeting, including Zhang Xuanming, vice president of Pengfei Group, Du Qinjun, general manager of Pengfei Group Qinhe Company, heads of municipal coal departments and coal associations, leaders of key and local coal enterprises in charge of enterprise management in various countries, representatives of projects that have won outstanding innovation achievements and representatives of units that have won organization awards.



du qinjun expressed warm congratulations on the convening of the conference and sincere respect for the provincial coal association for actively reflecting the demands of enterprises and providing high-quality services for a long time. After introducing Pengfei's industrial layout and innovation achievements, he said that in the future, he will unswervingly implement the innovation driven development strategy, take scientific and technological innovation as the fundamental driving force, accelerate the intelligence, informatization and digital empowerment of mines, and support the high-quality development of Pengfei coal plate with scientific and technological innovation.



Hou Binglet fully affirmed the province's coal enterprises in the innovation management achieved remarkable results. He stressed that all coal enterprises should unswervingly and continuously promote management innovation, jump out of the traditional management mode, enhance the management ability of enterprises with innovative spirit, strive to solve the weak links in enterprise management, enhance the awareness of innovation, and promote enterprises to continuously improve their management level. Centering on the objectives and tasks set by the national energy revolution, it is necessary to actively promote the green transformation of the mode of energy production, speed up the construction of green mines, make good use of new information and intelligent technologies, and continue to increase investment to achieve management upgrading. to make new contributions to the sustained and healthy development of the coal industry in the province.

The meeting praised the outstanding achievements in management innovation and excellent organizational units of Shanxi coal enterprises in 2023, and shared the experience of representatives of 8 enterprises such as Jinneng Holding.

For a long time, Pengfei has attached great importance to the management innovation of the coal sector and actively cultivated independent research and development innovation capabilities. Since 2021, it has organized and implemented more than 1640 innovative projects of various types, realized a revenue of 0.628 billion billion yuan, applied for 46 patents and 4 soft works, and won 11 awards in the province's "five small" innovation competition. A large number of innovative talents and innovative projects have emerged one after another, such as national model workers, provincial May 1 Labor Medal, and provincial most beautiful scientific and technological workers. Pengfei will take this meeting as an opportunity to pool innovation resources and release innovation vitality, so that the key variable of management innovation will become the largest increment to stimulate development, form a strong joint force of comprehensive innovation, and contribute Pengfei's strength to the integrated development of the "five integrations" of the energy industry in the whole province!