Pengfei delegation carried out exchange and interview in Binzhou City, Shaanxi Province


Pengfei, Shanxi


On December 21, a delegation led by Zheng Zihao, vice president and head of strategic investment department of Pengfei group, held an exchange and discussion with Chen Jiabao, mayor of Binzhou City, Shaanxi Province. Huaigang, director of Binzhou Industrial Park Management Committee, and Wang Bin, chairman of Shaanxi Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd., attended the meeting.



Chen Jiabao welcomed Zheng Zihao and his party, thanked Pengfei Group and Hydrogen Energy for their long-term attention to the development of Binzhou, and briefly introduced the investment promotion policy, economic and social development and future development strategic planning of Binzhou. Chen Jiabao said that Binzhou City will provide high-quality and efficient services with a more open attitude, better service, better business environment and more pragmatic measures. He hopes that Pengfei Group will further conduct on-the-spot investigation and research, make use of the advantages of both sides, deepen cooperation, and promote the high-quality development of government and enterprises.



Zheng Zihao introduced in detail the business areas and development of Pengfei Group, saying that Binzhou is rich in mineral resources, has great potential for development, and has developed rapidly in various economic and social undertakings. Pengfei Group will give full play to the advantages of the enterprise, deepen and expand the development cooperation with Binzhou in the field of clean new energy, and jointly open up new space for mutual benefit and win-win results.



Before the meeting, Zheng Zihao and his party also went to the planning exhibition hall of Xinmin high-end energy and chemical park, the new organic liquid hydrogen storage material project of hydrogen easy energy, the new material and high-end pharmaceutical intermediate project of Cisco, and got a detailed understanding of the development process, overall planning, project construction and future development of the park.