People's Daily: 2023 China Brand Forum Held Shanxi Enterprises Share Innovation Achievements in Hydrogen Energy Industry



In the middle of winter, Mei Xue is competing for Fang. Beijing, the ancient capital, is full of vitality.On December 15, the 2023 China Brand Forum hosted by the People's Daily was held in Beijing. Hao Mingjin, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, attended and delivered a speech. Representatives of relevant government departments, well-known entrepreneurs, authoritative experts and scholars gathered together to carry out multi-field, in-depth and high-level dialogue and exchange with the theme of "promoting brand building and promoting Chinese-style modernization", so as to build ideological consensus and promote the high-quality development of the brand. Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Shanxi Pengfei Group, attended and delivered a keynote speech, providing experience and reference for the development of Chinese brands with Pengfei's innovative practical achievements in hydrogen energy.

zheng peng said,Over the past 30 years, Pengfei has always adhered to "the national strategy is Pengfei's biggest strategy, and the pace of the times is the direction of Pengfei's progress". Through the development of vertical and horizontal integration, Pengfei has built brands and enhanced competitiveness in traditional energy fields such as coal coking, and based on the traditional industrial foundation, it has strongly entered the new energy industry and built Pengfei's hydrogen energy brand.

Thanks to the policy support of Party committees and governments at all levels to develop hydrogen energy, at present, Pengfei coke oven tail gas to produce high-purity hydrogen, the first set of water electrolysis to produce green hydrogen and other projects have been put into operation. Accelerating the buildIn the process of the whole industrial chain of "gas-station-transport-car", Pengfei's strategic goal for future development is becoming more and more clear and firm-where there is hydrogen, there is Pengfei hydrogen energy. By enabling the traditional coal coking industry, the hydrogen industry ecology that changes production and lifestyle is extended.

Hydrogen into the house Hydrogen Energy Town

Help build a specialized town with hydrogen energy characteristics and activate new kinetic energy for development. Pengfei Group to plan the layoutThe science and technology demonstration project of "Hydrogen into Wanjia-Hydrogen Energy Town" takes hydrogen energy economy as the core and relies on Pengfei Hydrogen Energy Base to build a 100 billion-level hydrogen energy industry.

Hydrogen Energy Applications green travel

Help develop green travel and practice green lifestyle. By helping green travel, developing hydrogen fuel cell buses, passenger cars, motorcycles and other means of transportation, promote the application of hydrogen energy, and make a green lifestyle a reality.

Hydrogen Energy Brand Hydrogen Energy Health

Vigorously promote the health of hydrogen energy for the benefit of the public green well-being. Relying on the hydrogen energy industry foundation of Pengwan Hydrogen Port, we will build hydrogen-rich water, hydrogen vegetables, hydrogen fruits, hydrogen tofu and other hydrogen energy characteristic agricultural brands. Let more people enjoy Pengfei products, Pengfei energy, Pengfei hydrogen energy brand for the benefit of more people.

Zheng Peng said that Pengfei is going to take a road to promote human health and improve human energy supply. I hope to work with more people of insight to accelerate the formation of new quality productivity, through the integration of science and technology, finance, industry, media, etc., to contribute to the promotion of my country's high-quality development and Chinese-style modernization!

China Brand Forum SinceSince 2015, it has been held for 9 consecutive sessions, reflecting the great importance of the party and the country to the construction of Chinese brands. The purpose of the forum is to study and solve the current difficulties and difficulties in the development and construction of Chinese brands, introduce and analyze the successful experiences and cases of international well-known brands, conduct in-depth discussions and suggestions on the key issues of Chinese brand development and construction, provide important decision-making reference for the central government, provide strong intellectual support for Chinese brand construction and create a good atmosphere of public opinion.