Xinhua: Shanxi Pengfei Group Explores New Model of Co-construction of Enterprises and Lands to Build a New Pattern of Win-win Development



Promote the construction of intelligent mines, deep plowing donation to public welfare undertakings, to build the main position of county labor and employment ...... In recent years, Shanxi Pengfei Group around the jurisdiction of the development planning and top-level design, multi-measures, in the county cultural tourism, mass employment income, rural revitalization and other aspects of continuous efforts, adhere to the enterprise-local co-prosperity and co-construction, mutual benefit and win-win general ideas, to promote the county economy, industrial high-quality development.

Smart Mine Helps County Economy to Realize New Development

Qinhe Energy Group Co., Ltd. is a regional branch of Shanxi Pengfei Group. Its main business covers coal mining, sales, hotels, property and other fields. It is also a leading enterprise in Qinshui County, Jincheng City.
Around the overall planning of Jincheng's cultural and tourism industry, Qinhe Energy Group Co., Ltd. has developed 1,000 mu of tourism resources for "Liu's residence" and plans to invest nearly 4 billion yuan to upgrade and transform the four major types of resources of "Taihang Honggu", "Xiangyu Castle", "Liu's residence" and "Lishan Scenic Area", so as to comprehensively promote the integrated development of county-wide tourism and create a new brand of county-wide tourism.



Qinhe Energy Exterior

In the past two years, the development of coal has been restricted by factors such as tight energy supply and demand. Under such circumstances, Shanxi Pengfei Group has always adhered to the principle of "grasping with both hands and hard with both hands", strictly implemented safety investment, and actively provided relevant enterprises with electricity and coal supply and winter heating supply services, so as to contribute Pengfei's strength to energy supply.



Yangquan Regional Branch

Since its establishment, Pengfei Group Yangquan Regional Branch has taken the energy revolution as the traction to promote the green, efficient, intelligent and intensive development of coal mines. At present, intelligent fully mechanized mining face and intelligent tunneling face have been built and passed the acceptance. The completion of intelligent working face is expected to transform coal production from high-risk production to intrinsic safety, from large-scale production to quality efficiency, from labor-intensive to technological innovation, from traditional mining to intelligent mining ...... Shanxi Pengfei Group will further enhance the development level of intelligent manufacturing, expand intelligent manufacturing application scenarios, accelerate digital industrialization and industrial digitization, and cultivate more new models and new formats of integration, to provide more Pengfei cases for promoting high-quality economic development.

Emotional Talents Boost Rural Revitalization to Take New Steps

Technology is advancing, and talent work must keep up. For a long time, Shanxi Pengfei Group has continued to strengthen the reform of the construction of the industrial worker team, training, introducing, and making good use of talents in an all-round way. The group has also built a "talent gas station" to be a good guide for talents and do a good job in talent cultivation.



Donation ceremony site

Among them, Qinhe Energy Group Co., Ltd. strives to create a "new business card" for public welfare undertakings, actively participates in local social development and charity and public welfare undertakings, assists local development of charity and public welfare undertakings, and effectively promotes social security work. Over the years, the company has donated more than 0.7 billion yuan to the local area for post-disaster reconstruction, infrastructure construction, education and culture, poverty alleviation, environmental protection and other fields. It has continued to give back to the society with practical actions, fulfill its social responsibilities, and contribute to local economic and social development. Add force and empowerment. For many years, Pengfei Group Yangquan Regional Branch has continuously participated in the activities of donating funds and teaching assistants in Pingding County, with a total donation of more than 600,000 yuan, boosting the development of education in Pingding County. In 2023, Pengfei Group Yangquan Regional Branch donated more than 300,000 yuan to hold more than 20 cultural activities in Pingding County Qunxing Fengcai Square and the 4th National Singers Competition in Pingding County, contributing Pengfei's strength to the cultural development of Pingding County. Shanxi Pengfei Group will continue to focus on building talent gas stations, strive to build a good situation in which everyone is eager to become a talent, everyone strives to become a talent, everyone can become a talent, and everyone can display their talents, and strive to write a new chapter in rural revitalization.

Optimizing the employment environment to help local people increase their income steadily

Enterprises are developing, and the benefits of the masses are visible. In recent years, with the continuous development of society, major enterprises have gradually stricter requirements for industrial workers, and farmers who lack skills are faced with the situation that they cannot find a job. In this regard, Shanxi Pengfei Group has the courage to assume social responsibilities, actively solve the problem of local farmers' difficulty in going to work, and through training and learning for farmers in the company's territories, it encourages farmers to have skills and play a role in their own positions.



Shanxi Ma Junyu Coal Coke Co., Ltd. in the local layout of the "integrated energy island".

At present, Shanxi Majunyu Coal Coke Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shanxi Pengfei Group, has more than 3000 employees, a large part of which are industrial workers who have grown up by local migrant workers, which has further promoted the economic development of Qinyuan County, Changzhi City. To build the main position of county labor and employment is the work that Qinhe Energy Group Co., Ltd. has been doing for many years. Focusing on the strategy of strengthening the enterprise with talents, Qinhe Energy Group Co., Ltd. has opened up jobs through multiple channels and extensively absorbed urban and rural workers. At present, the company has 7543 registered employees, and more than 95% of them are local workers. According to statistics, in the first half of 2023, the per capita income of employees of Qinhe Energy Group Co., Ltd. was 48900 yuan, which has become an important local employment base.



The staff of Qinhe Energy Group Co., Ltd. are working.

Shanxi Pengfei Group will continue to focus on the economic and social development plans of various regions within its jurisdiction, strengthen research and deployment, give full play to its own industrial advantages and professional expertise, increase capital investment, accelerate project commissioning, and use technological innovation to help county industrial transformation, economic development, Urban construction. (Source: Xinhua)