Pengfei Women's Federation Festival Gift Pack-Deeper and Deeper




The picture shows the letter of condolence for Women's Day on March 8th.


What's the best holiday gift? Upcoming38Women's Day, how to make the festival gift package full of affection and meaning, Pengfei Women's Federationfive oneThe holiday package gives the answer.










This is the first time Pengfei Women's FederationInternational Working Women's DayA series of activities, with equal emphasis on ritual and participation, material richness and spiritual richness are the beautiful yearning of Pengfei Women's Federation and all female employees. in the group

The company is committed to buildinglearning type, innovation typeIn the new era of talent echelon, Pengfei Women's Federation's holiday gift package has special meaning.--

Send a letterLetter of Condolence

The heart-warming letter of condolences is like a time-space phonograph, which narrated the hard work and extraordinary contributions of all female employees of the group company in the past year. It is more like a clarion call for unity and hard work in the new year. Add glory to half of Pengfei's sky.

Send a holiday gift ":

Physical and mental health is the top priority of the Women's Federation to care for female workers.3Month8On the same day, special physical examination items and details for Pengfei female employees have been arranged. As the sponsor beneficiary and cooperation unit of Pengfei Group, the Municipal People's Hospital attaches great importance to this physical examination and carefully arranges it. In addition to routine items, practical gynecology and other items have been added to respect Pengfei female employees for admission to the examination.


In addition to health check-ups, material rewards are also essential. Pengfei Women's Federation has also prepared a wealth of life gifts for everyone to choose from.    

An "initiative":

toWise women Scholarly LifeThe themed reading initiative is a big gift package.The highlightIt is also an important measure for the Pengfei Women's Federation to comprehensively improve the cultural literacy and comprehensive quality of female employees, and to join hands with female employees to rise to the forefront of the times with cultural and ideological promotion.


The picture shows the reading photo of the female employee representative


How does the female workforce keep pace with the times in thought? The Pengfei Women's Federation points out a clear direction.--Read, read good books. The harm of shallow reading on mobile phones has gradually emerged in recent years, and online information and articles are also full of falsehoods and distortions of three views. The short videos of Bo people's eyes are more like high-oil and high-heat fried foods, which make people unable to stop and sink deeper and deeper. After this short period of pleasure, what remains is a feeble sense of emptiness and continued sinking into it.

When I come home from work, after dinner, I hold a cup of tea and read a good book. I am a good daughter in the eyes of my parents, a good mother in the eyes of my children, and the most beautiful Pengfei woman. Reading can also nourish the beautiful feminine characteristics of calmness, knowledge and progress. Also remember to send the reading experience and the voice of the recitation passage to the Youspace Women's Federation working group for everyone to share and recommend.

Carry out an "essay":

"Chinese Dream career dream Family Dream"It is the theme essay activity carried out by Pengfei Women's Federation during the festival, which is now in the ongoing stage. I believe that our female employees are ready for their feelings and feelings about the theme of essay writing in the past year, so record it! Whether it is with laughter or tears, it is our most real touch.

Carry out onceCondolencesActivities:

The list of condolences has been made,3Month9On the same day, Lu Xiaofang, chairman of Pengfei Group's Women's Federation and minister of the General Department, will represent the Group Company and the Women's Federation to enter the homes of Pengfei's female employees and send their most sincere condolences and blessings!

In the Pengfei family, female employees will always be the most cohesive, eye-catching and dedicated group, and will always be the pride of Pengfei.International Working Women's DayThe development of a series of activities is phased, but the group company's care and support for female employees will never stop!