Believe in the power of the law, believe in the power of the spirit of contract-People's Daily client concerned about the report Pengfei.



The case of Pengfei and Lubao equity dispute, which is highly concerned by all sectors of society and 30,000 Pengfei people, has recently had preliminary results. As one of the most authoritative and serious mainstream media in China, the client of People's Daily published a report on the incident under the title of "Pengfei wins the case in the first instance! Lubao loses the case in the first instance of the equity dispute between the two major energy groups in Shanxi.

The report gave Pengfei, who has long adhered to legal, compliant and honest management, always followed the right path and insisted on doing the right thing, a fair, solemn and firm declaration, and also let all rumors of denigrating Pengfei disappear in the just judgment.



Always believe in the power of the law! Always believe in the power of the contract spirit! In the course of more than 30 years of struggle, Pengfei adheres to correct values, operates in accordance with the law, and forges the ability of sustainable development. There is no fluke in front of the law. The result of this judgment is a major and happy event in the course of Pengfei's legal and compliant operation for more than 30 years. It once again interprets that legality and integrity are the right way in the world, and it also releases "contract to the whole society." The spirit will win "strong signal.

Pengfei will consistently adhere to operating in accordance with the law, operating in good faith, working together, forging ahead, moving forward towards the established goals, and contributing Pengfei's strength to the province's high-quality sustainable transformation and development.