Green Factory Green Hope


On January 18, 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the second batch of green manufacturing demonstration lists. Xiaoyi Shengshi Fuyuan Methanol Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Pengfei Group, became the only green factory in Shanxi.

Shanxi Xiaoyi Shengshi Fuyuan Methanol Manufacturing Co., Ltd. relies on the rich coke oven gas produced by the 5 million-ton/year coking unit of Pengfei Group to produce methanol through the principle of low-temperature synthesis. At the same time, it uses a cryogenic liquefaction unit at minus 170 to extract LNG. It is the first methanol co-production LNG project in the country to realize industrial production on the same process route. The project has completely changed the past history of coke oven gas emission, ignition, air pollution and waste of resources, and truly implemented the national policies on energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection.

Pengfei Group takes green development as the core, social needs as its own responsibility, and national needs as its own responsibility. It will take this opportunity to be awarded as the only "green factory" in Shanxi to further play a demonstrative and leading role and build a safe, green, intensive, and comprehensive The efficient clean energy supply system and modern industrial system have truly become a demonstration benchmark leading the green development of the coking industry in Shanxi and even the whole country.