Beijing Daxing District Group Investigates Pengfei Hydrogen Energy



In the golden autumn season, the five grains are fragrant. On October 25, Zhong Weigong, member of the Standing Committee of Beijing Daxing District Committee and Minister of Propaganda, led a team into Pengfei to conduct a special investigation on Pengfei's comprehensive operation results of hydrogen energy and held a discussion on promoting cooperation and exchanges in the hydrogen energy industry. Leaders such as Gao Bingyang, Director of Daxing District Economic and Information Bureau, Shuimu Xingchuang (Beijing) Company, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Fuel Cell Vehicle Demonstration Urban Agglomeration Work Special Class Office, Zhonghe Xinxing Energy Research Institute, Beijing Hydrogen Puchuang Energy, CITIC Securities Energy Chemical and New Materials Industry Group and other leaders participated, and Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, received them.


Zhong Weigong and his party successively came to Pengfei Coking Plant, Methanol Hydrogen Production Heat Source Plant, Beiyao Hydrogenation Comprehensive Energy Island, Pengwan Hydrogen Port Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park, Water Electrolysis Green Hydrogen Production Site, Pengwan Hydrogen Port Collection and Control Center, 5G Central Dispatch Command and Management Center, etc. to check the hydrogen energy operation scene on the spot and learn more about Pengfei's industrial layout, hydrogen energy industry development status and future planning.

At the hydrogen energy industry exchange symposium,Gao Bingyang highly praised Pengfei's progress in the whole chain and development of the whole field of hydrogen energy and its leading demonstration effect in the industry.He said that the district government has gathered to develop the hydrogen energy industry and made every effort to create and display hydrogen energy application scenarios. Pengfei Group has broad room for improvement in hydrogen energy supply and application scenario replacement. Pengfei Group has built a full hydrogen energy industry chain. It is hoped that both government and enterprises will strengthen exchanges, speed up the demonstration of diversified application scenarios, and form a new pattern of hydrogen energy industry development with larger scale and greater benefits.

Zhong Weigong fully recognized the development layout and future planning of Pengfei's hydrogen energy industry, and on behalf of the Daxing District Party Committee and District Government, sincerely invited Pengfei to visit Daxing,It is pointed out that the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei economic circle has great potential for the long-term development of the hydrogen energy industry and application market, and Daxing District is making every effort to promote the construction of the "top project" of the hydrogen energy industry, creating an open, fair and just business environment. it has laid a solid foundation for industrial innovation, sustainable development, opening up internal and external circulation, and building a 100 billion-level industrial chain application scenario of hydrogen energy. Daxing District will give full play to its advantages of all parties to empower Pengfei and work together to seek a new chapter in hydrogen energy development.


Zheng Peng said that under the strong leadership of the party committees and governments at all levels in provinces, cities and counties, Pengfei has been upgrading and iterating from traditional industries to equipment manufacturing and green energy industries for more than 30 years. Pengfei has always firmly established that "the national strategy is Pengfei's biggest strategy, and the pace of the times is Pengfei's direction", actively integrating into the overall layout of the national hydrogen energy industry, and actively building a new path for the economic development of the hydrogen energy industry chain. Pengfei looks forward to working with Daxing District and excellent enterprises to cooperate with each other and complement each other's advantages. Pengfei will transform pollution sources into "air fresheners" through energy renewal and conversion, thus contributing Pengfei's strength to promote high-quality local economic and social development.

Participants also conducted technical exchanges on topics of common concern such as hydrogen energy carbon trading, the upstream and downstream supply chain of the hydrogen energy industry, and hydrogen fuel cells.