With honor and dreams continue to move forward


With honor and dreams continue to move forward

2018-02-28 Pengfei NewsXiaoyi Pengfei Industrial Co., Ltd

At the Qinyuan County Party Committee Economic Work and Model Worker Commendation Conference held on the morning of February 23, 2018, Pengfei Group Ma Junyu Company was awarded the title of "Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise", and Ma Junyu Coal Coke Co., Ltd. Chairman Wu Yi and Chang Yuan Coking Co., Ltd. General Manager Dong Shumao won the honorary titles of "Science and Technology Innovation Entrepreneur" and "2017 Model Worker" respectively. The achievement of the honor fully demonstrates the new image of the company developing higher and stronger under the leadership of Pengfei Group and Chairman Zheng Peng.




Under the guidance of Pengfei spirit, follow the principle of "science and technology is the first productive force" and promote development with innovation. Ma Junyu Kangbao employee Innovation Studio focuses on the "five small" innovation and efficiency activities, focusing on the hot and difficult issues in the work, and carrying out activities on the topics of improving work and service quality, energy saving and consumption reduction, and production safety. Through extensive mobilization, active guidance and hard practice, the "five small" innovation and efficiency activities have achieved remarkable results. The emergence of "winch wire rope mobile automatic refueling device", "simple oil barrel frame", "bridge valve control device" and other outstanding innovative inventions. In 2017, the studio was rated as a municipal innovation studio and listed. In the same year, it successively set up an innovation post for the second electromechanical team and an innovation post for the belt team. Under the strong atmosphere of innovation, all coal mines actively carry out technological innovation and scientific and technological innovation activities in gas control, gas drainage, mining layout and so on.

By carrying out this series of innovative activities, we will promote the continuous improvement of the company's economic benefits, promote the better and more comprehensive development of the company, and achieve the purpose of energy saving and efficiency improvement. The honorary titles of "Entrepreneur of Science and Technology Innovation" and "2017 Model Worker" are a vivid manifestation of the two leaders' ability to take the lead, work actively, and take the lead in their work.

The acquisition of the honor further affirms that under the guidance of the Pengfei spirit, our company will be more widely recognized by the local party committee, government and the public. Honor is both a sign of progress and a driving force for us to keep going.

In his report on his work in 2018, Chairman Zheng Peng clearly proposed to vigorously carry out the innovation-driven strategy and continue to carry out the activities of selecting Pengfei craftsmen. The Group will continue to encourage and support innovative activities in all areas, processes and elements. All companies and departments should also start a new journey of striving for success with innovative thinking and innovative concrete actions.

In 2018, we will carry our dreams, under the guidance of Pengfei spirit and under the leadership of Chairman Zheng Peng, we will continue to set sail to help win the "four tough battles" and "promote two things in an all-round way". Contribute to the realization of the group's "122" strategic goal.