"South Wind Window" Paying Attention to Xiaoyi Industry Development Pengfei Hydrogen Energy Brilliant Appears


Pengfei, Shanxi


On October 18, Nanfengchuang, a well-known domestic media known as "the first issue of China's political and economic affairs", published an exclusive interview with Xue Zhiqiang, a member of the Party group and vice mayor of Xiaoyi municipal government, under the title of "how was the only 100 counties in Shanxi made. In the report, Vice Mayor Xue Zhiqiang introduced the hydrogen energy industry as the main direction of high-quality transformation in Xiaoyi City in a large space, and made an excerpt here.

Nanfengchuang: Why did you choose the hydrogen energy industry as the main direction of the future high-quality transformation of Xiaoyi City? Many regions are developing hydrogen energy, what are the advantages of Xiaoyi?

Xue Zhiqiang: I have been to provinces and cities that develop hydrogen energy across the country, checked a lot of things, and reached close cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University. Whether domestic or international, there is a general consensus: no more than ten years, will usher in the era of hydrogen energy.

And we Xiaoyi development hydrogen energy has several advantages.

First, there are resource advantages. We are the county with the largest coke production capacity and are definitely the first in the country. Hydrogen can be produced from coke oven gas, chlor-alkali tail gas, propane dehydrogenation and other industrial by-products. According to the current production capacity, it can produce about 200000 tons of hydrogen per year. The cost price of electrolyzed water hydrogen production in the market is about 60 yuan, while our coke oven gas hydrogen production only needs 12 yuan per kilogram. At present, our muzzle price, that is, the price of hydrogen added to the car, is 25 yuan per kilogram. We don't need to subsidize it. It is naturally profitable in the market.

Secondly, Xiaoyi develops hydrogen energy, and there are huge application scenarios. Shanxi is the place where heavy trucks are most concentrated. There are more than 70000 heavy trucks in Luliang City alone. Heavy truck transportation generally follows fixed lines, running back and forth between coal mines, coal washing plants and coking plants, unlike private cars, which are difficult to plan. Therefore, as long as the hydrogen station is built at a fixed node, the investment in infrastructure is controllable. We have built four hydrogen refueling stations, 100 hydrogen heavy trucks have been put into operation, and another 400 will be put into operation before the end of this year.

In addition, Xiaoyi also has a number of excellent private enterprises with strong economic strength, forging a number of excellent and discerning entrepreneurs. They take the initiative to participate in the economic development and social construction of Xiaoyi, fully demonstrating the responsibility of the enterprise.

Do you think we built the hydrogen industry out of thin air? No. Xiaoyi's development of hydrogen energy is the upgrading of traditional industrial industries. If we do not have coke, no industrial foundation, and without these private enterprises with strong strength, the development of hydrogen energy will certainly not work.



Nanfengwindow: why does Xiaoyi spend so much effort to build the whole industrial chain layout of hydrogen energy, instead of just investing in the construction of single point projects?

Xue Zhiqiang: Because the storage and transportation of hydrogen is currently a worldwide problem, its transportation cost of 100 kilometers is 10 yuan per kilogram. Such a price can only be transported in the city in a short period of time, and long-distance transportation cannot be realized.

The technical problems in transportation have not yet been overcome, and the layout of large-scale pipeline transportation in the future needs to be planned at the national level. At present, it is necessary and unique to produce hydrogen by itself and use it by itself. In particular, Xiaoyi has such a large volume of industrial economy, expanding industrial application prospects.

Xiaoyi has three ultimate goals for the whole industry chain: one is to improve the local energy structure, transportation structure and air quality; the other is to rely on the broad application market to attract Chaoyang enterprises to land in Xiaoyi, and further develop our own equipment manufacturing industry and product manufacturing industry in the future; the third is to rely on the coking industry of our city to produce "green hydrogen" by CDQ power generation, Help our city to achieve "double carbon" emissions.



Nanfengchuang: So in the process of cultivating the whole industry chain of hydrogen energy, what kind of shortcomings does Xiaoyi still face in technology and industry? How do you plan to make up for it in the future?

Xue Zhiqiang: It must still be expensive and costly. At present, the cost of a hydrogen heavy truck is about 1.35 million, which is 800 thousands or 900 thousands higher than that of an ordinary diesel vehicle. Now the government is subsidizing the difference.

But the good news is that the price of hydrogen heavy trucks is decreasing year by year. Last year, the price of one truck was about 1.6 million, and the annual price reduction was 250000 to 300000. The reason behind the high price is that on the one hand, the industrial technology is facing a bottleneck, and on the other hand, the scale effect needs to be formed.

So we are now walking on two legs: first, Xiaoyi cooperates with Shanghai Jiaotong University and other universities and enterprises to seek breakthroughs in key technologies; second, integrate national resources to attract hydrogen energy automobile manufacturers to Xiaoyi. At present, hydrogen energy automobile manufacturers are small and scattered. You produce 200 vehicles and I produce 100 vehicles. Our cost is high. After integration, the scale goes up and the price can come down.

In our plan, after three years of such advancement, the cost of hydrogen and diesel heavy trucks can be basically the same.



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(article source: south window)