Green Energy First Hydrogen Company Joined Many Enterprises to Enter Pengfei to Boost the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry



On October 16, Yang Dun, chairman of Green Energy First Hydrogen (Beijing) Hydrogen Energy Technology, Han Shumin, chairman of Zhongke Xuanda New Energy and professor of Yanshan University, Ye Xin, director and deputy general manager of Zhejiang Fengyuan Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and Jiang Yiping, director of Qingdao Xinzhongxin Private Equity Fund Management Company, and other enterprise leaders walked into Pengfei to observe and investigate, he also conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, on topics such as hydrogen energy technology innovation and industrial application demonstration, hydrogen energy policy, hydrogen energy investment and financing opportunities, and jointly promoted the development of the entire hydrogen energy industry chain.



Green Energy First Hydrogen, Zhongke Xuanda New Energy, Fengyuan Hydrogen Energy and Qingdao Xinxin are engaged in hydrogen energy industry chain segments, including upstream hydrogen energy preparation, midstream hydrogen energy storage and transportation, downstream hydrogen fuel cell and hydrogen energy fuel cell applications and venture capital and other links.



The heads of the four enterprises were deeply shocked by Pengfei's progress in the construction of the whole hydrogen energy industry chain and the research and development achievements of hydrogen fuel cells. They said that based on their respective advantages in research and development, technology, production and capital, they looked forward to finding cooperation points with Pengfei in hydrogen storage technology, hydrogen transportation equipment, promotion of hydrogen energy vehicles, expansion of scene applications and market development, and continuously strengthened industrial cooperation, mutual sharing of resources and chain extension, we will strive to achieve a higher level and a wider range of resource flows and factor allocation, work together to expand the scope of cooperation, enrich development achievements, and jointly help the development of China's hydrogen energy industry to a new level.



Zheng Peng extended a warm welcome to everyone and pointed out that in recent years, thanks to the national and local industrial policies, with the meticulous support and help of the party committees and governments at all levels of provinces, cities and counties, in accordance with the strategic requirements of Luliang's "coal capital" to "hydrogen capital", Pengfei, through its own industrial and regional advantages, has incorporated the hydrogen energy industry chain into the all-element development of Pengfei hydrogen energy, it has embarked on a national original road of high-quality development of hydrogen energy industry covering the whole industrial chain, which has attracted the attention of all parties in China.

Zheng Peng pointed out that Pengfei's outstanding advantages of hydrogen energy lie in resources and scenarios. Under the background of "double carbon", in order to ensure better and more stable hydrogen energy development in the next step, Pengfei urgently needs to work with outstanding enterprises and people of insight at home and abroad to pool strength and wisdom, combine the research and development technology, equipment capabilities and capital advantages of various companies with Pengfei's most extensive application scenarios, fill the gaps in the hydrogen energy industry chain to the maximum and expand the new path, make concerted efforts to empower the high-quality development of China's hydrogen energy industry chain.



Before the meeting, the heads of the four enterprises visited Pengfei Zhichuang Equipment Manufacturing Base, Pengfei Coking Plant, Methanol Hydrogen Heat Source Plant, Pengwan Hydrogen Port Collection and Control Center, Water Electrolysis Green Hydrogen Project Site and 5G Central Dispatch Command and Management Center. Through on-the-spot investigation, we have a detailed understanding of Pengfei's enterprise profile, industrial layout, hydrogen energy industry development status and future planning.