Warm congratulations! Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, as Honorary Chairman of China Jinshang Club


Pengfei, Shanxi


On September 24, the Secretariat of China Jinshang Club announced that Zheng Peng, chairman and president of Pengfei Group, one of China's top 500 enterprises and Shanxi's top 100 private enterprises, has officially become honorary chairman of China Jinshang Club.

China Jinshang Club is the organizer of the annual global Jinshang event "Jinshang Annual Meeting" and the Jinshang Ecological International Forum. It is committed to building an innovative and commercial Jinshang ecology. The model is "Internet Thought of the Company Chamber of Commerce" and the business philosophy is "Thanksgiving, Change, Tolerance and Integration". China Shanxi Merchants Club is an "ecological platform" for the development and win-win cooperation of contemporary Shanxi merchants ".

China Jinshang Club has been committed to "discovering the beauty of Shanxi merchants and spreading the beauty of Shanxi merchants". Its concept of building "contemporary Jinshang ecology" and its 15 years of persistent practice have been highly recognized by the global Jinshang community. Zheng Peng is the honorary chairman of China Jinshang Club, which will inject new impetus into the construction of "Jinshang ecology.


Liu Wenbin, secretary-general of China Jinshang Club, once wrote an article to analyze Shanxi Pengfei Group, trying to provide an understanding of the development of Shanxi Pengfei Group from the two dimensions of "craftsman spirit" and "modern logistics industry cluster.

The article is excerpt as follows:



Earlier news, on September 13, riding the spring breeze of the official release of the "2023 Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises" honor list, Liu Wenbin, founder and secretary-general of China Jin Merchants Club, Duan Xiaohui, vice chairman, Zhou Huimin, director of Taiyuan Office, and Zhou Qinbing, deputy secretary-general of Taiyuan New Media Association, visited Shanxi Pengfei Group.

Liu Wenbin, Zheng Peng, Duan Xiaohui, Li Fa Wei

Secretary-General Liu Wenbin first congratulated Shanxi Pengfei Group on being shortlisted in China's Top 500 Private Enterprises and the only one among Shanxi's private enterprises to be shortlisted in the TOP100. Chairman Zheng Peng welcomed the visit of China Shanxi Merchants Club to Pengfei Group.

At present, the whole world is in the midst of a century of great changes. with regard to the development opportunities of China's private enterprises, Chairman Zheng Peng said that the state's affirmation and support for the development of private enterprises has reached a new historical height. in particular, the support and expectations for excellent private enterprises are very high, and we must firmly believe in this and do our best to do our own things well.

Liu Wenbin, Zheng Peng

Secretary-General Liu Wenbin introduced to Chairman Zheng Peng the background and development orientation of the China Shanxi Merchants Club. Chairman Zheng Peng sent a message that the China Shanxi Merchants Club would further unite the country's outstanding Shanxi merchants and entrepreneurs. The position must be high, the pattern must be large, and the mind must be tolerant.

The two sides also exchanged views on upstream and downstream cooperation in traditional energy industry and cooperation in new energy industry.


Brief Introduction of Shanxi Pengfei Group

Shanxi Pengfei Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Pengfei Group") is a digital, recycling and green private enterprise headquartered in Xiaoyi, Shanxi Province, which integrates raw coal mining, clean coal washing, coke smelting, modern coal chemical industry, automobile manufacturing, intelligent logistics, high-end real estate, cultural and tourism hotels, waste materials reuse, hydrogen energy whole industry chain and so on, its Pengfei Coking Green Development Co., Ltd. and Shengshi Fuyuan Methanol Manufacturing Co., Ltd. were rated as "green factories" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In 2022, the total output value will reach 115 billion yuan and the profit and tax will reach 15 billion yuan. With assets of 150 billion billion yuan and more than 25000 employees, the group is one of China's top 500 enterprises and China's top 100 private enterprises. It is also a green and low-carbon technology enterprise with leading advantages in the implementation of carbon peak and carbon neutral goals.


Development History of 1. Pengfei Group

Pengfei's business started in 1993. Zheng Peng, the founder of the company, bought a small coke factory with 25000 yuan, all his belongings accumulated by selling flour, thus opening a difficult road to start a business. After 8 years of hard work, it has developed one earth coke oven to more than 30 earth coke ovens and become a major local coking company. The joy of success in the start-up gave birth to the lifelong pursuit of "today's brilliant look at Pengfei.

In 2000, affected by the policy, the small earth coke oven was forced to ban. Pengfei Group changed its thinking, turned crisis into opportunity, and decisively started the development process of independent coal washing. It started coal washing with a coal washing equipment of less than 500000 yuan. After 8 years of unremitting efforts, it changed from a 300000-ton simple coal washing plant to 22 simple coal washing plants, becoming the largest coal washing enterprise in the country at that time, it has also become an indispensable strategic partner of major iron and steel enterprises in China, such as Baosteel, Angang, Shougang, Hegang, TISCO, Shigang and Taiyuan coal gasification.

In 2008, affected by the financial crisis, coal prices plummeted, and the company's coal washing business was greatly affected. Pengfei Group began to develop into the coking industry and successively acquired some local coking companies. In 2010, in response to the government's call for "coal-based, diversified development", Pengfei did not "love" coal, and quickly created a new green coking development model of "coke as a supplement and chemical-based. In 2011, the construction of the 5 million-ton coking project started, and the country's first 6.25-meter three-stage heated tamping coke oven was built, creating a new record for the shortest construction period of a large coke oven in the country. In 2021, two of its coking plants with a total production capacity of 4 million tons have been completed and put into use dry quenching coke waste heat power generation projects, fully entering the era of dry quenching coke, realizing the comprehensive utilization of resources to reduce energy consumption and greatly reducing coking costs.

In 2013, the 600000-ton methanol co-production LNG ammonia synthesis project was launched, becoming the first advanced chemical process in the country to simultaneously produce methanol, LNG and liquid ammonia on the same process route, and was rated as a green integrated manufacturing advanced process demonstration project by the State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The completion and commissioning of the methanol co-production LNG synthetic ammonia project will comprehensively utilize the coke oven gas of the two coking plants, thus enhancing the profitability and competitiveness of Pengfei's coking industry.

In 2013, coal prices plummeted, the coal situation was extremely depressed, and many coal enterprises were on the verge of bankruptcy. Pengfei Group seized the opportunity with keen insight, began to integrate into the upstream coal mining industry, and made up for the short board of the group's business. Pengfei's coking and coal washing business has a "source of living water". In 2016, Changzhi Majunyu Coal Company acquired 3 coal mines as a whole, and has since acquired the main qualification of coal mining and production. In 2018, it acquired 8 coal mines of Jincheng Qinhe Energy Company and owned the group's second main coal mining company. In 2020, it acquired Yangquan Pingding Huineng Coal Industry and became the group's third main coal mining company. In 2022, it will take a stake in Luliang Jinliu Group and take over the management of 10 coal mines, pengfei Group coal main company increased to 4.

Through the development of horizontal integration and vertical integration, Pengfei Group's competitiveness in the field of traditional energy has been continuously enhanced. Up to now, Pengfei Group has 25 self-operated coal mines with a production capacity of 30 million tons. There are 12 coal washing plants with a production capacity of 34 million tons. There are 2 coking plants with a production capacity of 3.76 million tons. One chemical plant, with a methanol production capacity of 300000 tons, LNG production capacity of 0.2 billion cubic meters, ammonia production capacity of 100000 tons and high purity hydrogen production capacity of 20000 tons, has become a powerful coal, coke and chemical integration enterprise.


In 2017, the state issued an energy revolution strategy, making Shanxi a pioneer in the energy revolution. Pengfei Group actively embraced the national strategy, entered the hydrogen energy industry with the help of the industrial foundation built by traditional energy, and made a large-scale layout of the entire hydrogen energy industry chain to build a "chain owner" enterprise in the entire hydrogen energy industry chain.

In March 2017, the foundation stone was laid for the super suspended bed hydrogenation project. In December 2019, it successfully signed a contract with GCES of the United States for a 10 billion hydrogen energy project. According to the strategic plan of Luliang municipal party Committee and municipal government to "build a 100 billion yuan hydrogen energy industry and build an advanced and largest hydrogen energy industry base in China", Pengfei group will start construction with a total investment of 78 billion yuan in 2021, covering an area of 116200 mu (77.5 square kilometers), pengwan Hydrogen Port Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park, which integrates production, storage, transportation, addition, use, research and hydrogen energy heavy trucks, electric reactors, systems, trailers and equipment manufacturing. After the completion of the project, the annual output value can be 180 billion yuan, the annual profit and tax can be 27.5 billion yuan, and 35000 people can be employed. The project specifically includes:

First, in terms of hydrogen production, the hydrogen production project with an investment of 19.4 billion billion yuan and an annual output of 200000 tons of coke oven tail gas was put into operation on July 21, 2022, of which the first phase of the 20000 tons/year coke oven tail gas high-purity hydrogen production project was officially put into operation on July 6, 2022. In the use of renewable energy power generation hydrogen storage, there are 5GW photovoltaic power generation, 100000 tons of photovoltaic power generation green hydrogen, has been approved 500 MW wind power generation project, at the same time to introduce electrolytic hydrogen production equipment, the use of dry-out coke waste heat power generation, photovoltaic power generation, wind power electrolysis hydrogen storage.


Second, in terms of hydrogen storage, the layout of 20 tons of high-pressure hydrogen storage and filling station equipment, 100000 tons of liquid hydrogen production and liquid hydrogen filling station equipment, 80000 tons of organic liquid hydrogen storage equipment.

Third, in terms of hydrogenation, there are 100 hydrogen energy comprehensive stations, of which 14 are planned to be built within Luliang City this year. Currently, 4 have been built in Xiaoyi, and the remaining 10 are being actively promoted with Shanghai Shenneng, PetroChina Shanxi Company and Shanxi Exchange Control Group.

Fourth, in terms of hydrogen use, invest 7.4 billion yuan to establish the world's largest "ten thousand hydrogen heavy truck logistics company". On November 22, 2022, the first batch of 100 hydrogen heavy trucks will be put into operation.

Fifth, in the hydrogen transport, the establishment of hazardous chemicals logistics company.

Sixth, in terms of hydrogen fuel vehicles, equipment manufacturing and key hydrogen energy technologies, an annual output of 300000 hydrogen energy heavy truck bases, 10000 hydrogen fuel reactors and 15000 sets of hydrogen fuel power system devices will be laid out. Among them, the Pengfei Zhichuang Automobile Manufacturing Industrial Park project with an investment of 15 billion billion yuan and an annual output of 300000 hydrogen fuel vehicles will start laying the foundation on July 21, 2022; on September 2, 2022, the world's first 250kW hydrogen fuel cell (single stack) power system will be released, and a joint laboratory of fuel cell vehicle manufacturing technology will be established with Shanghai Jiaotong University. Pengfei Group actively extend the chain-strong chain-complement chain, and strive to build a "gas-station-transport-car" full chain development system, in hydrogen energy multi-scene application to take a solid step.

So far, Pengfei Group has achieved a strategic leap from traditional energy to new energy, from traditional industries to emerging industries, and opened a new journey of modernization for high-quality industrial development. While "eating" the dividends of traditional energy economies of scale and scope, the company began to ask for dividends from new energy sources, accumulating superimposed competitive advantages, and will certainly provide Pengfei practice and contribute to the realization of the energy revolution and the dual-carbon goal.

2. Pengfei Group's remaining industrial sectors

Pengfei Group in the coal, coke, chemical, hydrogen energy industry chain in the field of deep cultivation at the same time, actively extend the industrial layout, in real estate, hotels, cultural tourism and other sectors, "sing" Pengfei brand.

In the 1. real estate sector, in 2022, Pengfei Group will take off the combat readiness plot in Nankai District of Tianjin with 2.38 billion yuan, form a strategic alliance with Tianjin University, Nankai University and National Haihe Laboratory, complement each other's advantages, create a national first-class life and talent training base, and promote the high-quality development of Tianjin. In the central areas of Luliang Xiaoyi, Jincheng Qinshui, Changzhi Qinyuan and Yangquan Pingding, we will build high-quality residential areas in counties, so that people who care about Pengfei's cause will have a better sense of quality and a more sustainable sense of happiness.

In the 2. hotel section, Xiaoyi Pengfei State Guest Hotel, Qinshui Pengfei Friendship Hotel, and Pingding Jinyuan International Hotel form a chain of hotel services, providing local residents with high-quality material and cultural life, and realizing the enjoyment of first-tier cities in county cities. Accommodation and catering standards drive regional economic development and become a beautiful "window" for the group to expand its opening up and accelerate its transformation ".

3. the cultural tourism sector, Pengfei Group adheres to the construction tenet of "Chinese characteristics, world-class", takes "industrial upgrading and product replacement" as the development policy, invests 5 billion yuan, and plans the Xiangyu Castle Scenic Area and Liu Family Residential Scenic Area in Qinshui County, Jincheng City as a whole, and systematically links Lishan Scenic Area and Taihang Honggu Forest Park to focus on the new trend of personalized, diversified, cultural and experiential tourism needs to "add color" to nature ", to" add weight "to culture, to" empower "folk customs, to achieve the upgrading of tourism elements, tourism industry linkage, health and health industry integration, to complete the transition from scenic spot tourism to the era of global tourism, to build a new pattern of Qinshui tourism, to create China's global tourism carbon neutral demonstration county.

Invest 0.6 billion yuan to build the Chenghuangmiao Commercial Street in Qinshui County, which integrates culture, business, housing, tourism and entertainment. It is planned to cover an area of about 50 mu and a construction area of about 87000 square meters. It is a large-scale cultural and tourism commercial complex project integrating cultural heritage, tourism and leisure, consumption and shopping, life experience, entrepreneurship and livability. Integrate regional construction, environmental protection, catering services and other parties, 1. the development of the secondary industry with the innovation of the tertiary industry, create an integrated cultural and tourism brand, create a global cultural and tourism image, and strive to improve the level of resources and real estate industry.

3. Pengfei Group Corporate Culture

(I) Pengfei Mission: Creating Happiness for People with Heart Pengfei Cause

The history of Pengfei's continuous development and growth in the past 30 years is the history of continuously seeking happiness for all those who care about Pengfei's cause. As long as you care about Pengfei's career, Pengfei will create happiness for you, which is our ultimate responsibility.

(II) Pengfei Vision: To Become the World's Leading Clean Energy Smart Enterprise

Pengfei vision is the development goal and common ideal of all Pengfei people. It answers the question of "who will be", that is, "where will we go. It is a beautiful blueprint that Pengfei people can realize in the future through their own unremitting efforts, reflecting Pengfei people's efforts and good wishes.

(III) Pengfei Values: Love, Innovation and Pragmatic Leadership

Pengfei's values are the way Pengfei people exist, work, do things and stand, and are the internal driving force, guarantee force and promotion force of Pengfei's development.

(IV) Pengfei spirit: loyalty, noble cohesion and enterprising

Pengfei spirit is the common spiritual outlook and work pursuit of Pengfei people. It answers the question of "spiritual community", that is, "what is the basic state of our working spirit". The enterprise spirit reflects the standard of life that Pengfei has always advocated and pursued, and embodies the soul pursuit and source of strength of Pengfei people.

(V) Pengfei Pursuit: Today's Glory to See Pengfei

Pengfei's pursuit is the belief support and will embodiment of Pengfei people to achieve their mission and vision. It answers the question of "what do we believe in", that is, "what is the state that we can achieve with persistent and positive action. It reflects the heroic spirit and firm will of Pengfei people who firmly believe in achieving their goals.

(VI) pengfei style:

Change your thinking, keep pace with the times, and pursue perfection

Pengfei style is the standard of work we have always pursued and the style of behavior we have shown. It answers the question of "specialization", "standardization" and "professionalization", that is, "what style should we reflect in our work. It reflects the unique way and style of Pengfei people to do things.

(VII) Pengfei people: a group of persistent dreamers

Pengfei people are a "collection" of employees with Pengfei spirit and Pengfei as their home. It answers the question of "who are we", that is, "what we are and what the company is", which reflects Pengfei people's self-awareness and heroism.

4. Pengfei Group's Social Honor and Social Responsibility

(I) social honor: from 2019 to 2022, the company was selected as one of China's top 500 private enterprises and China's top 500 manufacturing private enterprises for four consecutive years. In 2021, the company entered the list of China's top 500 enterprises for the first time, ranking 354, and is the only private enterprise selected in Shanxi Province. In 2022, the company was once again selected in the "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises" list, ranking 264; and for the first time in China's top 100 private enterprises, ranking 96th. It is the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce since 1998. Since the ranking, the first Shanxi private enterprise to enter the top 100 list; at the same time, it ranked 121 and 53 respectively in the top 500 list of Chinese manufacturing enterprises and China's manufacturing private enterprises. In 2023, the company ranked among the top half of the "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises", ranked 244th on the "2023 Top 500 Chinese Enterprises" list, 119th on the "2023 Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises" list, and also ranked 92nd on the "Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises" list and 60th on the "Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing Private Enterprises" list.

In 2022, Pengfei Group won the title of "Special Contribution Enterprise to Promote High-quality Development of Small and Medium-sized Cities in 2022", which is an important national honor for Pengfei Group to abide by the social responsibility of private enterprises and help local economic and social high-quality development. And successfully held the provincial coking dry coke quenching transformation site meeting, the provincial hydrogen energy industry chain enterprise cooperation supporting signing meeting, Taiyuan energy low carbon development forum "green low carbon, hydrogen win the future" theme conference, social visibility, reputation to further enhance.

In terms of (II) social responsibility: Pengfei Group adheres to the corporate mission of "creating happiness for those who care about Pengfei's cause", takes the initiative to assume economic and social responsibilities, and with the mind of "industrial power and industry serving the country", it has invested hundreds of millions of yuan in donating funds to assist education, ecological greening, highway construction, medical treatment, etc. During the fight against the new coronary pneumonia virus epidemic in 2020, more than 600 million yuan was donated to support the prevention and control of the epidemic in the enterprise territory. During the flood disaster in Shanxi in 2021, a total of 0.1 billion yuan was donated to support flood relief and post-disaster reconstruction. Shanxi Pengfei Charity Foundation was established in March 2022. Up to now, more than 2500 million yuan has been donated through all sectors of the foundation to support epidemic prevention and control, academic research, education development, etc. July 6, the Xiaoyi Sewage Treatment Plant, which was constructed by Pengfei Group, officially started construction, boosting the high-quality transformation and development of Xiaoyi City, and truly making social responsibility a consciousness that does not need to be reminded, demonstrating Pengfei Group's strong responsibility and strong family and country feelings.

After 30 years of development, Pengfei Group has moved towards the road of high-quality transformation and development. With the courage and responsibility of reformers and the responsibility and mission of entrepreneurs, the company is firmly taking a competitive, advantageous and distinctive development road of high-end, differentiation, intensification, recycling, environment-friendly and international cooperation with hydrogen as the core on the new journey of high-quality development, for the high-quality development and modernization of China's energy industry, "hydrogenation empowerment" has become the world's leading clean energy smart enterprise.

(Source: Jin Merchants Club)