Revenue broke hundreds of billions! Pengfei ranks in the upper half of the "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises"



On September 20, the 2023 China Top 500 Enterprises Summit Forum was held in Hefei. The China Enterprise Federation released the "2023 Top 500 Chinese Enterprises" and "2023 Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises" lists. Pengfei Group won the 244th place in the "2023 Top 500 Chinese Enterprises" and the 119th place in the "2023 Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises!



This is Pengfei has been on the above "two lists" for three consecutive years as the "leader of Shanxi private enterprises". From the initial 0.5 billion of revenue on the list to 100 billion this year, from the initial 354 to the 244 this year, it "broke through" half of the dividing line of the top 500 and ranked in the top half of the "top 500 Chinese enterprises.

In recent years, the provincial, municipal and county governments have always adhered to the "two unshakable" and "three unchanged", actively created the "three noes" and "three can" business environment, and successively issued a series of policy measures such as "Shanxi Province to optimize market access and activate private investment", focusing on breaking down the market access barriers of private economy and strengthening the cultivation of "chain master" enterprises, pengfei and other outstanding private enterprises are invited to participate in the operation and construction of professional towns, development zones, industrial parks, and agglomeration areas, so that private enterprises can rest assured to invest boldly and develop without distractions, and continue to promote the development and growth of the private economy.



The private economy has propped up half of Shanxi's economy ". As the leader of private enterprises in Shanxi, Pengfei has raced against time and progressed with history on the road of layout, construction and operation of clean energy smart enterprises, realizing "a big leap every year and leading the way in opening a new bureau every year". At present, Pengfei's "ten major sectors" such as coal, chemical industry, hydrogen energy, cultural tourism and automobile manufacturing are being deeply integrated with industrial intelligent scenes, including a number of transformative, traction and landmark projects such as "electrolytic water hydrogen production", "hydrogenation integrated energy island" and "zero carbon logistics". Pengfei is riding the wind and waves and moving towards "becoming the world's leading clean energy smart enterprise.