Mainstream Media See Pengfei


Pengfei, Shanxi


For 30 years, Pengfei has been adhering to the development vision of "becoming the world's leading clean energy smart enterprise", facing difficulties in challenges, innovating and leading in opportunities, keeping up with the pace of the times, and in the journey of high-quality development, Pengfei has embarked on a road of self-reliance and self-improvement.

Pengfei's brilliant "report card" on the road of energy revolution and high-quality transformation and development has attracted the attention and reports of many mainstream media. Hot words such as "responsibility, family and country feelings and responsibility", "characteristic professional town", "main enterprise of hydrogen energy industry chain", "Pengfei hydrogen energy heavy truck" and "new blue ocean of hydrogen energy" are frequently seen in media reports--

CCTV Focus Interview

At 19:38 on October 9, 2022, CCTV's focus interview broadcast a series of programs "ten years · answer sheet". In the first program "the sky is bluer, the water is clearer and the home is more beautiful", Shanxi Pengfei Group Co., Ltd. showed the national audience the Pengfei answer sheet in the achievements of ecological civilization construction since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

first-line mainstream media

With Pengfei's first batch of 100 hydrogen energy heavy trucks officially put into demonstration operation, the first-line mainstream media such as People's Network, Xinhua News Agency, Shanxi News Network, China Energy News, Phoenix Network Shanxi Channel and provincial and municipal news units at all levels are competing to focus their news on Pengfei, aiming at new hydrogen energy industries, new formats and new models, and displaying and reporting Pengfei's "big article" on hydrogen energy from different perspectives, different depths and different platforms "!

Shanxi Satellite TV News Broadcast

On January 29 and March 21, Lan Foan, Secretary of Shanxi provincial Party committee, and Jin Xiangjun, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee and governor of Shanxi Province, successively came to Pengwan hydrogen port hydrogen energy industrial park to listen to the introduction of hydrogen energy project development, encourage enterprises to speed up the promotion of projects under construction, actively expand the application scenarios of hydrogen energy, and occupy the first opportunity and accelerate the development in the "blue ocean" of hydrogen energy.

Central wide network

On February 9, news reports on the construction achievements of Pengfei's hydrogen energy characteristic specialized town appeared on CCTV. In the wave of vigorously promoting Chinese-style modernization across the country, the central-level media once again focused on how Pengfei realizes "modernization" with the title of "Luliang: Building a Featured Professional Town and Forging a New Engine for Economic Development".

Shanxi Satellite TV News Broadcast

On February 12, Shanxi Satellite TV News Network and Shanxi Radio and Television Comprehensive Broadcasting once again focused on the development of Pengfei hydrogen energy industry chain and characteristic professional towns.

People's Network Shanxi Channel

On March 30, People's Network-Shanxi Channel released the article "Shanxi Xiaoyi:" Hydrogen Energy Town "Layout", taking Pengfei system, storage, transportation, processing, use, equipment manufacturing and other hydrogen energy industry chain layout progress as the starting point, comprehensively reported Xiaoyi City's planned layout of "Hydrogen into Wanjia Hydrogen Energy Town" science and technology demonstration project.

first-line mainstream media

From May to June, Xinhua News Agency, China Energy Network, Chemical News and other media focused on the commissioning of Pengfei hydrogen energy commuter buses and hydrogen energy loaders and the launch of self-contained container railway transportation. They paid attention to the application of hydrogen energy industry in the field of hydrogen energy transportation in Pengfei Pengwan Hydrogen Port and Pengfei's new journey of modern logistics with green wisdom, low-carbon economy, internal and external connectivity and smooth connection.

CCTV Financial Channel

On June 19, the economic half-hour program of CCTV Financial Channel, with the theme of "Heavy Truck Entering Hydrogen Era", showed Pengfei Group's overall planning of hydrogen energy industry, project progress and construction of hydrogen energy specialized town, focusing on Luliang's goal of building a 100 billion-level northern hydrogen energy industry base, and "enabling hydrogenation" for Shanxi's high-quality development and modernization ".

learning power

From July to August, the Learning Power Platform paid attention to the cooperation between Xiaoyi and Shanghai in technology, talents and resources, and paid attention to Pengfei's leading role in the field of hydrogen energy in the country, which strengthened Pengfei's confidence and determination to build a new blue ocean of hydrogen energy.

first-line mainstream media

On August 8, the "Coke Oven Gas Hydrogen Production Adsorption Tower Device and Its Use Method" declared by Pengfei Hydrogen Energy obtained the "Invention Patent Certificate" issued by the State Intellectual Property Office. Learning power, China Energy Network, Luliang Daily, Chemical News and other first-line mainstream media attention reports, showing Pengfei's continuous innovation and breakthrough in the field of hydrogen energy.

People's Forum Network

On August 31, the third "three batches" activity of Shanxi Development Zone was held in 2023. The Luliang branch venue landed in Pengfei hydrogen fuel cell cogeneration equipment manufacturing park, and Pengfei Group's industrial layout, innovative technology and product achievements in the hydrogen energy field were unveiled. People's Forum Network, Xinhua Shanxi Channel, World Shanxi Merchants Network, Chemical News have followed the report.


On September 7, the Hydrogen Energy Economic Development Forum hosted by Pengfei Group was successfully held. Zheng Peng shared Pengfei Group's practical achievements in building hydrogen energy industry chain economic development with the title of "Hydrogen" Force Forward, "Hydrogen" Move Future, Accelerate the Construction of Hydrogen Energy Industry Chain Economic Development Path ". Xinhua pays attention to Pengfei's contribution to further accelerating the transformation and development of Shanxi Province and striving for the" Two Basic Achievements "goals.

"Keeping pace with the times", "scientific and technological innovation", "seizing opportunities" and "active actions" have become the key words of Pengfei's 30-year transformation and development. From small soil coke to large coking, to continuous extension of the chemical chain and active layout of the hydrogen energy industry, every step Pengfei takes is a test of will and hardships. Pengfei has always firmly established that "the national strategy is Pengfei's greatest strategy" and takes "creating happiness for those who care about Pengfei's cause" as its corporate mission, striving to contribute Pengfei's strength to the accelerated transformation and green development of traditional advantageous industries in Luliang City and even the whole province, and to the realization of the global "double carbon" goal.