Pengfei Hydrogen Energy Application Scene Hard Core Appears at "Three Batch" Main Venues in the Province



Four o'clock is gratifying, the best new autumn. On August 31, the third "three batches" activity of the province's development zones in 2023 was held simultaneously in various cities. The Luliang sub-venue landed in Pengfei Hydrogen Fuel Cell Combined Heat and Power Equipment Manufacturing Park, showing a panoramic view of Pengfei's industrial layout, innovative technologies and product achievements in the hydrogen energy field.

Lan Foan, secretary of the provincial party committee, attended the event and delivered a speech at the main venue, presided over by Jin Xiangjun, deputy secretary of the provincial party committee and governor. Sun Dajun, Secretary of the Luliang Municipal Party Committee, Zhang Guangyong, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, Li Baochuan, Deputy Director of the Provincial Business Environment and Development Zone Key Work Supervision Group, Liu Shiqing, Deputy Secretary of the Xiaoyi Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Guo Qingzhi and other relevant provincial, city and county leaders, and Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, attended the event at the Luliang branch. More than 1000 employee representatives from Xiaoyi Economic Development Zone and Pengfei participated.



Lan Foan requested that all localities should give full play to their comparative advantages, continue to strengthen the role of the main battlefield, main position, and main engine of the development zone, continue to optimize the business environment, make every effort to boost development confidence, truly help the high-quality development of the private economy, and promote the continuous economic development of the province. Pick up for the better.

Jin Xiangjun stressed that all departments and development zones at all levels in the province should continue to improve the quality and efficiency of project construction, continue to work hard on enterprise related services, and concentrate on enterprise related services, so as to inject strong impetus into the high-quality economic development of the whole province.



When presiding over the signing ceremony of the Luliang branch venue project, Zhang Guangyong pointed out that he hoped that the two parties would take this signing as an opportunity to promote the early start, early completion, early production, and early effectiveness of the project, so as to promote new breakthroughs in the city's high-quality development.

Subsequently, Xiaoyi Economic Development Zone Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park and Pengfei Hydrogen Fuel Cell Combined Heat and Power Equipment Manufacturing Project, as a representative project of Lvliang City, laid the foundation under the common witness of the leaders attending the meeting, and Sun Dajun announced the start.




Zheng Peng pointed out in his speech that with the strong support of Luliang municipal party Committee and Xiaoyi municipal party Committee and municipal government, Pengfei coke oven gas to produce high-purity hydrogen, the country's first set of water electrolysis to produce green hydrogen, hydrogenation integrated energy island and other projects have been put into operation one after another. The first batch of 100 hydrogen energy heavy trucks, hydrogen energy commuter buses, buses, loaders have been put into operation. Hydrogen energy heavy trucks and electric reactors and other manufacturing projects are progressing in an orderly, the formation of the country's only and best hydrogen energy industry chain demonstration operation scene.



Zheng Peng said that the hydrogen energy cogeneration equipment manufacturing project independently developed by Pengfei officially started construction, marking the landing of another brand-new high-end equipment manufacturing industry in Luliang Xiaoyi. At present, Pengfei is vigorously developing green hydrogen from wind and solar power within the scope of Luliang, comprehensively laying out hydrogenation integrated energy islands, and actively promoting the operation of hydrogen vehicles such as hydrogen heavy trucks, buses and shared bicycles. We are willing to contribute Pengfei's strength to the hydrogen energy industry with 100 billion investment and trillion output value in Luliang.



After the centralized signing ceremony of the project, the participating leaders also visited the Pengfei Hydrogen Energy Industry Exhibition Hall hydrogen fuel cell buses, loaders, heavy trucks, bicycles, various specifications of electric stacks, new materials, and new processes.