Pengfei Digital Intelligence Manufacturing Shared Exchange at Jinyang Lake Digital Economy Development Summit Forum


Pengfei, Shanxi


On August 23, the 4th Jinyang Lake Digital Economy Development Summit opened in Taiyuan, the provincial capital. The theme of the summit was "Digital Empowerment Transformation and Development to Create a Smart and Better Life". On the morning of August 24, the Manufacturing Digital Transformation Development Forum was successfully held. Yang Qinrong, Vice Governor of Shanxi Province, attended and delivered a speech; Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, delivered a keynote speech at the forum to share and exchange Pengfei's digital intelligence manufacturing achievements and development direction.



In his speech, Yang Qinrong emphasized that in recent years, Shanxi has insisted on the revitalization and upgrading of the manufacturing industry as the main direction of industrial transformation and upgrading, vigorously promoted the integration of digital intelligence and the empowerment of digital intelligence, and opened the fast key to sound development, in order to achieve industrial transformation and economic transformation. Provides an effective path. I hope that all experts and scholars will check the pulse of the digital transformation of Shanxi's manufacturing industry and provide solutions. I hope that everyone will choose Shanxi, invest in Shanxi, share development opportunities in promoting the digital transformation of Shanxi's manufacturing industry, and create a better future.



Zheng Peng shared Pengfei's solid steps in the development of digital transformation with the title of "Digital Intelligence Empowerment Pengfei Manufacturing Transformation and Upgrading Leading the Future. He pointed out that under the correct leadership of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, under the full promotion of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, and with the full support of China Unicom, Shanxi Branch, and the Provincial Digital Transformation Promotion Center, Pengfei bravely assumed the mission of a first-class energy enterprise. While actively promoting the clean and efficient use of coal and the development of energy transformation, we will adhere to the road of upgrading and change of traditional industries and high-end modern industries, closely around the international and domestic digital development trend, we will continue to promote the revolution of industrial intelligent tools, and join hands with China Unicom, Huawei, Tencent, Ali, Zhejiang University Central Control and other leading enterprises in the industry to create six intelligent application scenarios: intelligent mine, intelligent coal chemical industry, intelligent inspection, intelligent safety and environmental prevention and control, zero-carbon intelligent logistics, and intelligent management. Pengfei is the first DCMM certified enterprise and industrial Internet demonstration enterprise in Shanxi recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the people's Republic of China. The three enterprises of the group have won the benchmark of intelligent manufacturing demonstration in Shanxi Province and become the leading digital construction demonstration enterprise in the industry.



Zheng Peng stressed that through digital and intelligent construction, Pengfei has achieved 100 percent increase in labor efficiency, 12% reduction in operating costs, more than 20% reduction in production costs, 40% increase in production efficiency, and more than 44% increase in energy conversion rate. Pengfei has embarked on a road of digital transformation and development of the manufacturing industry, leading to further innovation and reform in the production and operation management of the domestic coal coking industry.

Zheng Peng said that Pengfei will give full play to the leading role of intelligent manufacturing in industrial transformation, further improve the development level of intelligent manufacturing, expand the application scenarios of intelligent manufacturing, accelerate the promotion of digital industrialization and industrial digitization, strive to improve the depth and breadth of the integrated development of digital economy and real economy, cultivate more new models and new formats of real integration, and provide stronger support and more Pengfei cases for promoting the high-quality development of manufacturing industry in the whole province. I hope to take this opportunity of the forum to deepen cooperation with experts, scholars and entrepreneurs, make full use of digital empowerment, form more iconic innovations, and work together to create a new future of high-quality development.



The Jinyang Lake Digital Economy Development Summit has been held in Taiyuan for four consecutive years since 2020. By gathering digital economy resources, expanding digital application scenarios, and improving the quality of the digital economy, it has continuously injected the latest impetus into the province's economic transformation and development. Today, the Jinyang Lake Summit has gradually become a weather vane for the development of Shanxi's digital economy.