State Key Laboratory R & D Center of China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing) Settled in Pengfei



On August 23, the kick-off meeting of the State Key Laboratory of China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing) and Pengfei Group's strategic cooperation and joint R & D center project was successfully held at Pengfei headquarters, marking a substantial and critical step in the strategic cooperation relationship between the school and enterprise. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Director of the Deep State Key Laboratory of China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing) He Manchao and laboratory expert team, Deputy Mayor of Luliang City Ren Lei, Party Secretary and Director of Luliang Science and Technology Bureau Xia Hanqing, Deputy Mayor of Xiaoyi City Xue Zhiqiang, Shi Dongshan and heads of related functional departments, Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, and relevant persons in charge of various systems attended the on-site and video.



At the meeting, the project leaders of the two parties made a detailed report on the overall planning, progress and benefit analysis of the previous strategic cooperation projects between the school and the enterprise, and initially clarified the research direction of the construction method mining technology based on 110/N00. Witnessed by all the participants, He Manchao and Zheng Peng unveiled the joint research and development center on behalf of both schools and enterprises.



Zheng Peng said that with the extension of the layout of Pengfei Coal Industry, it is becoming more and more clear that coal mining must first come from exploration. The topography, geomorphology, geology and other geographical structure conditions of Pengfei coal enterprises have their own characteristics, so there is an urgent need for a high-tech professional team with rock mechanics to support the safe production and stable operation of the coal industry plate. The 110/N00 construction method founded by Academician He Manchao is highly compatible with the technical requirements of the national industry and is an important initiative to promote safe, efficient, economical and green mining for enterprises. It is expected that under the guidance of experts and academicians, Pengfei will use advanced technology to promote the reform of coal mining methods, realize the coordinated development of "coal" and "hydrogen", and play a positive exemplary and leading role in the improvement and innovation of coal mining technology in the province.



Xue Zhiqiang pointed out that the strategic cooperation between the school and the enterprise to build a research and development center is not only an urgent need for Pengfei Group to enhance the innovation ability of the talent team and improve the competitiveness of the enterprise, but also a powerful measure for China University of Mining and Technology to promote the transformation of scientific and technological innovation achievements. The University (Beijing) has opened a bridge of communication, cooperation, and friendship. Xiaoyi Municipal Party Committee and Government will actively create a better external environment for cooperation between the two parties, promote scientific and technological innovation to a new level.



He Manchao compared the differences between traditional 121 and 110 mining methods, and pointed out that 110 mining methods have the practical significance of saving lives, resources and ecology, and are also the inevitable choice to help the country achieve the goal of "double carbon. In the future, coal energy will continue to play the role of "stabilizer" and "ballast stone" in the national energy system for a long time. Pengfei should strengthen its confidence in development, strive to enhance its ability of scientific and technological innovation, and be a pioneer and set an example in realizing the innovation and development of energy enterprises. He Manchao also elaborated on the key points, problems and indicators of project cooperation, clarified the key tasks of the R & D center in the future, and praised Pengfei as an enterprise with family and country feelings, responsibility for the times and grand ideals. He expressed the hope that both schools and enterprises will work together to truly achieve high-carbon energy and zero carbon emissions, leaving a beautiful home for future generations.



Ren Lei extended warm congratulations on the joint construction of the R & D center between the school and the enterprise, and emphasized that this school-enterprise cooperation is of great significance. In the future, coal development must also take the road of science and technology and innovation. It is hoped that Pengfei will use the "strongest brain" to work together to tackle key technical problems, and at the same time give full play to the respective advantages of both schools and enterprises to build a new type of sustainable modern coal energy base, and play a positive demonstration and driving role for the technological development, innovative development, and transformational development of energy companies., To make greater contributions to the low-carbon development of the entire industry. Luliang municipal Party committee and government will continue to increase support to protect school enterprise cooperation and scientific and technological innovation in an all-round way.