Pengfei hydrogen energy independent innovation re-force, 6 innovation achievements won the national patent


The beginning of autumn season, the harvest season. On August 8, Pengfei's innovative achievements were reported again-the "Coke Oven Gas Hydrogen Production Adsorption Tower Device and Its Use Method" declared by Pengfei Hydrogen Energy obtained the "Invention Patent Certificate" issued by the State Intellectual Property Office. Prior to this, Pengfei has another 5 kinds of equipment (devices, systems) to obtain the national utility model patent certificate.


Over the years, thanks to the business environment and talent policy support of various departments at all levels to encourage innovation, Pengfei Hydrogen Energy has been linked internally and externally in scientific and technological innovation and has made continuous efforts-the pilot base covering 11 hydrogen energy research and development topics such as system, storage, transportation and equipment manufacturing has been approved by the science and technology department, which can provide a pilot platform for research and development projects of hydrogen energy related industries at home and abroad and promote the transformation of achievements in coordination; carry out strategic cooperation with famous universities in China, jointly build "Hydrogen Energy Vehicle Advanced Manufacturing Joint Laboratory" and "Advanced Carbon-based Electrode Materials Shanxi Key Laboratory", and jointly build a "production-study-research-application" platform between schools and enterprises; Set up Pengfei Hydrogen Energy Research Project Leading Group and Research Team, focusing on tackling industry issues related to hydrogen energy safety and improving production efficiency, process technology improvement, and key equipment improvement, A number of innovative achievements have not only optimized the production process, but also ensured the safe and stable operation of hydrogen energy production equipment, and further reduced production energy consumption.



The acquisition of a number of national patented technologies has strengthened the leading role of Pengfei hydrogen energy in the field of hydrogen energy in the country and enhanced the right to speak. At present, Pengfei Hydrogen Energy Research Group is taking the lead in formulating two group standards in the national hydrogen energy field, "Coke Oven Gas to High Purity Hydrogen Energy Consumption Quota and Calculation Method" and "Coke Oven Gas to High Purity Hydrogen Conversion Process Safety Requirements", and actively applying for the country's first hydrogen energy high-tech enterprise.

In the future, Pengfei will continue to increase investment in innovation, strengthen the training and introduction of innovative talents, establish a more efficient innovation incentive mechanism, deepen the combination of "production, teaching, research and application", and provide a strong guarantee for the productization and industrialization of scientific and technological innovation achievements. Pengfei hydrogen energy has become a national demonstration highland for the innovation and application of hydrogen energy, and Pengfei's scientific and technological innovation has "hydrogenated energy" for the high-quality development and modernization of China's energy industry ".