Learning "Opinions", Firming Confidence and Clear Direction, Creating Brilliance Again


Pengfei, Shanxi



On July 19, the "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Promoting the Development and Growth of the Private Economy" was released. The release of "opinions" is like a thunder in winter, which makes us excited and excited. It has aroused a warm response from all over Pengfei group, and quickly set off an upsurge of learning "opinions.



On July 22, Pengfei Group organized a seminar on learning "opinions", focusing on learning "opinions", helping private enterprises and private economy to embark on the broad road of development and growth, and ensuring the stability and long-term development of enterprises. Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of the Board of Directors of Pengfei Group, and all cadres and employees of various systems, regional companies, and factories and mines participated in the on-site and video.

After listening to the interpretation of experts, the collective study of the full text of the "opinions", and the discussions and speeches made by the representatives of the heads of various systems, Zheng Peng pointed out that the "opinions" have precise positioning and clear guidance word by word. In all aspects, we have given us an accurate definition of things that we did not dare to think about and do in the past. First of all, it clearly defines the position of the private economy as a new force in promoting Chinese-style modernization. The creed that Pengfei has always followed and adhered to for 30 years is the law. Over the past 30 years, we have always adhered to laws and regulations and never touched the bottom line, so that every Pengfei person can be safe in their work and life, share the dividends of enterprise development, and have confidence, confidence, and a future outlook on career, values and life.



Zheng Peng pointed out that the "opinions" clearly encourage private enterprises to become bigger, better and stronger under the premise of abiding by discipline and law, and make it clear that private enterprises can become bigger and encourage them to become bigger. From the rule of law protection, environmental protection, financing protection, talent system construction, clean supervision, digital empowerment and other multi-level, multi-dimensional for the development of private enterprises pointed out the direction. The "Opinions" specifically pointed out that cultivating a public opinion environment that respects private enterprises' private economic innovation and entrepreneurship, enhancing entrepreneurs' sense of honor and social value, severely cracking down on blackmail and other behaviors using negative public opinion as a threat in accordance with the law, and supporting private enterprises to better fulfill their social responsibilities, Encouraging and guiding private economic figures to be doers of development and devotees in the new era once again boosted Pengfei's fighting spirit and confidence to become bigger, better and stronger.

The national strategy is the biggest strategy of Pengfei's development. Zheng Peng emphasized that if Pengfei wants to develop, it must, under the guidance of the national strategy, let go of its hands and feet, display its talents, and make every industry we are engaged in bigger, better and stronger. Pengfei's various development concepts and development strategies, Pengfei's thoughts and actions are highly consistent with the "opinions", which fully shows that Pengfei is now taking a bright and correct path.

Zheng Peng said that 30 years of Pengfei has caught up with the good opportunities and policies of the party and the country. Through today's study, it is to further strengthen the confidence of all Pengfei people. Our 30000 employees not only have the support of the group and the guarantee of the organization, but also The support and guarantee of the country. We should be glad that Pengfei, who is determined to build a century-old foundation, does not have such a good situation and situation today at any time. Pengfei has gone from 20,005 30 years ago to hundreds of billions of assets today, starting from the current hundreds of billions. Pengfei in the next 30 years is an important period for us to make progress in our career, lead the industry, and achieve high-quality development. Enterprises and the country breathe and share the same destiny and develop together, our life will be full of value and significance, and our future will move from glory to greater glory!