Yang Yingming, Secretary of Panzhou Municipal Party Committee, led a team to Pengfei for exchange and discussion.


Pengfei, Shanxi


On July 17, Yang Yinming, Deputy Secretary of the Liupanshui Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the Panzhou Municipal Party Committee, and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Panbei Economic Development Zone, led the Panbei Economic Development Zone, Panzhou City Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Energy Bureau, and Investment Promotion Service The center and other leaders came to Pengfei for exchanges and discussions. Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of the Board of Directors and President of Pengfei Group, and relevant system leaders received them.



Yang Yinming introduced the general situation of Panzhou City, the advantages of transportation location, the development status and positioning of the coal chemical industry, and the development goal of creating a "coal-coke-gas-chemical" integrated circular economy. It is pointed out that Panzhou City is rich in coal resources and materials, adheres to the development idea of "based on coal, strengthening coal, not only coal", takes clean and efficient utilization of coal as the inherent requirement of transformation and upgrading, and goes all out to promote the coal coking industry to achieve a major breakthrough. Pengfei Group's "coal-coke-chemical-hydrogen energy-equipment manufacturing-logistics" whole industry development chain is highly compatible with the industrial development needs of Panzhou City, and has broad prospects for cooperation and development.



Zheng Peng has a detailed understanding of Panzhou's coal chemical industry, application scenarios of hydrogen energy heavy trucks, wind and solar power resources, etc. He said Pengfei adheres to the development concepts of "development of the whole industrial chain" and "firmly holds the rice bowl in his own hands", and strives to build high-quality industrial clusters with the advantages of gathered technology and resources, thus enabling the sustained and steady development of the local economy. The two sides can carry out all-round supporting cooperation to expand new space for development.