Pengfei's Voice Rings through Yabuli Forum: Responsibility, Family and Country Feelings and Responsibility


Pengfei, Shanxi


From June 17th to 18th, the 9th Innovation Annual Conference of the 2023 Yabuli Forum was held in Taiyuan, the provincial capital. The theme of this conference is: "Open Innovation Transformation-The Direction and Path of High-quality Development". At the "ESG Forum: ESG Ecosystem Construction under Chinese Modernization Strategy" held on the 18th, Pengfei's voice sounded at the Yabuli Forum-Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, as a representative of entrepreneurs, exchanged and shared on how enterprises deeply understand the relationship between ESG and helping Chinese modernization.



Zheng Peng pointed out that ESG in Pengfei, it is a kind of responsibility, home and country feelings and responsibility. The existence of an enterprise is to create happiness, followed by the creation of wealth. As long as you can bring happiness to mankind, you can exist, and your existence must be to create wealth. ESG seems to be a kind of enterprise's pursuit. It seems to be talking about cost. In fact, it is not cost. It is a proposition of life and death. If an enterprise has no contribution to the social environment, no feelings for social responsibility, no control over enterprise management or continuous good control ability, the enterprise will not be able to survive.


Zheng Peng, by giving an example of the comparison between the past and the present understanding of carbon emissions, said that ESG is an entrepreneur, even every industry, for the future survival and development of mankind must do, but also must go, rather than care about the cost. As long as the enterprise can contribute to the social environment, the enterprise must have a very strong sustainable vitality. As an enterprise in the energy industry, the quality of the enterprise in the past depends on the amount of pollution, which is completely subverted from the current pollution. In the past, the more polluted the enterprise, the more envious you are, saying that the more money the enterprise makes, the better. So now everyone sees that the less pollution you have, the higher the profit of the enterprise, the better the management level, and the more stable the operation. In recent years, Pengfei Group has not only invested in environmental governance and protection at all costs and regardless of cost, but in terms of social responsibility, it has taken the courage to assume social responsibility as a consciousness without reminding. The result of this is that the company is getting better and better. In terms of social responsibility, no matter where there are difficulties or disasters, as long as we are needed, we will immediately rush forward.



The Yabuli Forum was founded in 2001. After more than 20 years of development and precipitation, it has become a platform for the exchange of ideas among Chinese entrepreneurs. The annual meeting of the Yabuli Forum is defined as one of China's influential economic events and a weather vane for judging China's economy.