Zero Carbon Loading Zero Carbon Transportation | Pengfei Group's Self-provided Container Railway Transportation Starts



On the morning of June 1, Pengfei Group solemnly held the launching ceremony of its own container railway transportation, opening a new journey of Pengfei's green wisdom, low-carbon economy, internal and external connectivity, and smooth connection of modern logistics.

Zheng Peng, chairman and president of Pengfei Group, and Gao Xingping, executive president, attended the ceremony, presided over by Yang Li, vice president and general manager of supply and marketing, and more than 200 employees of coking and supply and marketing systems attended the ceremony.



Zheng Peng pointed out in his speech that the first shipment of self-provided container railway transportation marks that Pengfei Group has entered the stage of modern green logistics ahead of schedule and realized the transformation from low-carbon operation to zero-carbon operation. It is the only enterprise in the province and even the whole country to achieve zero-carbon loading and zero-carbon transportation, Pengfei has made contributions to the realization of environmental protection, low-carbon emissions and "3060" goals.



At present, Pengfei already has a professional container loading and unloading transportation team, and has the container point-to-point and door-to-door transportation capacity. From the cancellation of container outsourcing transportation, to the current self-loading capacity of 60 trains/month, and It can expand the container agency transportation business and broaden the platform business model. Pengfei's railway logistics business is moving towards the specialization and industrialization of container transportation, and its profitability is also rising.