Pengfei Group: Leading High Quality Development with New Ideas



Pengfei Group: Leading High Quality Development with New Ideas

2018-01-21 Luliang DailyXiaoyi Pengfei Industrial Co., Ltd

The Provincial Entrepreneur Conference proposed to create an environment for the healthy growth of entrepreneurs, promote excellent entrepreneurship, and form a team of Sanjin entrepreneurs with important influence at home and abroad. Xiaoyi City entrepreneurs are full of confidence--

The new concept leads to high-quality development, and the new era shows the new business style. The provincial entrepreneurs' conference held at the beginning of this month is the first large-scale special meeting held by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government to support the development of enterprises. All the participating enterprises are enterprises that have made great contributions to the economic and social development of our province. Zheng Peng, chairman of Xiaoyi Pengfei (industrial) group, was invited to attend the meeting as the only representative of the coking industry in Luliang City. In 2017, Pengfei (Industrial) Group was ranked as one of the top 100 private enterprises in Shanxi Province, ranking 25th, and was awarded the "demonstration Enterprise of Integration of Industrialization and Industrialization in Shanxi Province" at the Shanxi Provincial Conference on Creativity and Internet Integration, becoming the only coking enterprise in the province to win this honor, providing strong support for enterprises from high-speed growth to high-quality development.

Entrepreneurs are the main force of reform and innovation, shouldering the historical responsibility of promoting the transformation and development of our province. The Provincial Entrepreneur Conference is held on the occasion of Shanxi's "Transformation Project Construction Year". It not only recognizes the past achievements of entrepreneurs, but also places the great expectations of the provincial party committee and the provincial government for entrepreneurs. "This conference made us feel the care and care of the provincial party committee and the provincial government for entrepreneurs. In the process of entrepreneurship, the best" six most "business environment is given to entrepreneurs. The whole process of service is in place, and entrepreneurs have more confidence in development." Pengfei (Industrial) Group Chairman Zheng Peng saw a number of development dividends released by the conference and was full of confidence in future development.

It is understood that Xiaoyi Pengfei (Industrial) Group is a local enterprise in Xiaoyi. It was established in 1993 and started from a small coke oven. It has gradually developed into a diversified and high-tech large-scale comprehensive private enterprise integrating refined coal production, coke manufacturing, gas power generation, ferrosilicon, magnesium metal smelting, R & D and transportation logistics. It has been running through every link of enterprise development for more than 20 years, Not only has created a number of industry leaders, it also confirms Xiaoyi's best business environment with the most rapid development and growth.

"Confidence is more important than gold." For Pengfei, the support and help of the government is the strongest backing. At the Provincial Entrepreneur Conference, Luo Huining emphasized that cultivating a large team of entrepreneurs is a major strategic task to promote the transformation and development of Shanxi. It requires party committees and governments at all levels to adhere to goal guidance and problem orientation, and strengthen top-level design. Full support from environmental construction, policy support, and factor allocation. In recent years, the Xiaoyi Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have opened up green channels for the development of enterprises in all aspects, creating the best environment for the development of enterprises. "Demolition is a problem with the deepest contradictions, the greatest superimposed difficulties, and the most extensive population involved in the initial development of enterprises. However, the leaders of the Xiaoyi 10 million-ton coal chemical circular economy park personally took charge and organized various departments to hold a special meeting every half month to complete our relocation and demolition volume in the past two years in less than two months." Zheng Peng said with emotion. At the same time, under the leadership of the Xiaoyi Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, Pengfei (Industrial) Group not only actively participates in the main battlefield of project construction, but also devotes itself to the construction of social welfare undertakings. Pengfei's think tank has enlisted more than 300 top petrochemical experts and a large number of coal chemical talents, providing intellectual guarantee and strong impetus for the development of Pengfei and even the whole coal chemical industry park in Xiaoyi.

It is reported that next year Pengfei (Industrial) Group's Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax, suspended bed hydrogenation, carbon materials, carbon fibers, carbon microspheres and other projects will be put into operation one after another, which will form the vanguard of the energy revolution in the whole central Shanxi. The technology of this enterprise project has occupied the most advanced new highland in the world, turning the past extensive polluting enterprises into the supply base of green and clean energy. In the next step, Pengfei (Industry) Group will lead the development of the enterprise with the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Under the guidance of the entrepreneurial spirit of the entire Xiaoyi officer, it will advance towards super-large enterprises with faster speed and higher quality, showing a brand-new enterprise Face. (Guo Xiaoxing)