Lv Liang's Confidence in Creating Excellent Business Environment Pengfei's Confidence in Development and Development


Pengfei, Shanxi


On the afternoon of May 26, the Lvliang Private Economic Transformation and Development Symposium was held in Lvliang Hotel. Sun Dajun, secretary of the municipal party committee, attended and delivered a speech, presided over by Zhang Guangyong, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, Zheng Peng, chairman and president of Pengfei Group, Liang Dongyuan, chairman and general manager of Pengfei Jinliu, and Zhang Jingui, deputy general manager of Pengfei Jinliu Coal Industry, were invited to attend the meeting.

Sun Dajun pointed out that promoting the healthy development of the private economy is not only the responsibility of private entrepreneurs, but also the common responsibility of party committees, governments and the whole society at all levels. The party committees and governments at all levels in the city should take the creation of the "three noes" and "three can" business environment as the starting point, constantly create an excellent development environment, create a pro-Qing political and business relationship, and make every effort to relieve the difficulties of private enterprises in accordance with the rules and regulations.,



Zhang Guangyong emphasized that he hopes that the majority of private entrepreneurs will strengthen their confidence, keep their enthusiasm for entrepreneurship in Luliang, focus on development investment in Luliang, and move forward side by side with Luliang to seek a new chapter of cooperation and development.



"Thanks to the Luliang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, the Xiaoyi Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and the Liulin County Party Committee and County Government for truly achieving a business environment that is undisturbed and responsive in the development of the enterprise." In his speech as a representative of entrepreneurs, Zheng Peng used three thanks to strengthen the confidence of enterprise transformation and development. He said, "today's Luliang is a hot land for innovation and entrepreneurship, a Luliang that promotes justice, righteousness and the rule of law, and a Luliang that entrepreneurs abide by the spirit of contract. It is a 'place to support people with dreams', Pengfei will certainly achieve greater development in such a business environment".



Liang Dongyuan said that Pengfei Jinliu will actively implement the spirit of the meeting, make full use of the high-quality business environment created by the Luliang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government and the Liulin County Party Committee and County Government, vigorously promote the intelligent construction of coal mines, realize safe, efficient and intelligent coal mining, and actively explore energy conservation The green development model of emission reduction has given new life to traditional industries.