Xiaoyi Municipal Party Committee Organization Department Policy Affordable 38 Luxury Experts Gather in Pengfei


Pengfei, Shanxi


From May 22 to 23, led by Zu Bingfeng, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee of Nankai District of Tianjin and director of Tianjin Internal Combustion Engine Research Institute, a delegation of 38 luxury experts from 14 universities and scientific research institutes, including Nankai University and Tianjin University, entered Pengfei Group for investigation and research. Li Yuchang, member of the Standing Committee of the Xiaoyi Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Organization, and Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, attended the exchange event of "Industry-Education Integration, Resource Sharing, Mutual Benefit, and Coordinated Development.

Experts combined with Pengfei industry chain, to carry out in-depth exchanges and discussions. The two sides have reached cooperation and development intentions on such topics as "let AI understand the industrial enabling industry", "research and development of hydrogen internal combustion engines", "large-scale marketization of green hydrogen preparation", "high-performance new energy materials" and "catalysts for waste emission conversion and production". At the same time, they have also expanded the cooperation space in the cultivation and introduction of high-end talents and the company's strategy, management and innovation.



Li Yuchang pointed out that Xiaoyi is currently vigorously implementing the strategy of "strengthening the city with talents", and will take school-land, school-enterprise cooperation as an important starting point, and will wholeheartedly provide experts and talents in Tianjin Nankai District to carry out scientific research, experimental demonstrations, talent training, and entry in Xiaoyi. Enterprise services, etc. provide the most convenient conditions, the most first-class services and the most preferential policies. It is hoped that the two sides will explore new areas of cooperation and establish a cooperation mechanism in scientific and technological research and development and the transformation of achievements, so that cooperation projects can be implemented in Pengfei as soon as possible.



Zu Bingfeng stressed that Pengfei Group is fertile ground for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Nankai District will gather resources from all sides to provide services for Pengfei Group, so that different resource elements can empower Pengfei and add luster to Chinese modernization with the common high-quality development of localities and enterprises.



Zheng Peng said that Pengfei Group has formed a relatively complete hydrogen energy industry chain. It hopes that through the guidance of experts, it can realize point-to-point and face-to-face accurate quality improvement and efficiency improvement, help Pengfei chemical industry to reduce costs and efficiency, and truly implement the construction of pilot base and the transformation of scientific research achievements in Pengfei. Through the close integration of the two sides, each other can be empowered to turn good disciplines into the best industry.