Luliang City to Shanghai Honest Investment Promotion | Shanghai Electric and Pengfei Discuss Cooperation in the First Time



From May 10 to 14, the investment promotion delegation of Luliang City went to Shanghai and other places to investigate investment promotion, so as to promote the industrial docking and enterprise cooperation between our city and the Yangtze River Delta region. On May 17, Shanghai Electric Group and his party visited Luliang and Pengfei Group for the first time to conduct in-depth negotiations on the development and utilization of hydrogen energy, equipment manufacturing, wind and wind hydrogen storage, and chemical industry, and reached a series of cooperation intentions.



At the Pengfei Pengwan Hydrogen Port Collection and Control Center, Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, had an in-depth conversation with Zhang Hongbin, Minister of New Energy Development of Shanghai Electric Group, to jointly look forward to the future prospects of the clean energy industry, and to discuss the domestic and international future energy industry. Exchange of views on specific issues such as layout.



At the subsequent symposium, the heads of Luliang City Investment Promotion Service Center and Xiaoyi Economic Development Zone delivered speeches respectively, saying that they would actively leverage their comparative advantages in resources, talents, and environment to provide the best for Pengfei and Shanghai Electric to further deepen cooperation. Business environment, improve preferential policies to support the high-quality development of the hydrogen energy industry, and actively provide services. It is hoped that the two sides will work together to push forward the clean energy cause.

Zhang Hongbin introduced the development history of Shanghai Electric Group and its strength and advantages in the fields of energy equipment, industrial equipment, intelligent manufacturing, and digital intelligence integration. He said that by visiting Pengfei Pengwan Hydrogen Port Industrial Park and 5G + Central Dispatch Command and Management Platform, he could clearly feel the professionalism of Pengfei's operation and the leading nature of its industrial scale. It is expected that the two parties can carry out division of labor and cooperation in important areas such as hydrogen energy and equipment upgrades, and at the same time open up new industries such as green synthetic ammonia, methanol, and aviation fuel, and work together to promote the deepening of the transformation and upgrading of the traditional energy industry.



Zheng Peng highly agrees with Shanghai Electric's green and sustainable value concept and the multiple points of cooperation between the two parties, and sincerely thanks the relevant units that have facilitated the cooperation between the two parties.

Zheng Peng said that the future development prospects of clean energy such as hydrogen energy are broad, and it is necessary for responsible and responsible companies to take the lead in creating a new path in clean energy manufacturing, application scenario promotion, and large-scale popularization. Shanghai Electric and Pengfei have unique advantages in the front and back ends of the clean energy industry respectively. They hope to equip Pengfei with the most advanced new energy infrastructure as soon as possible, complement each other's resource advantages with Shanghai Electric, and jointly seize the current energy pattern transformation opportunities. The advantages are infinitely enlarged, and a national emerging industrial cluster of energy electrical processing is truly formed, which will give birth to new industries, new formats and new models, promote the wave of the energy revolution to a larger scope and a deeper degree.