Launching Ceremony of "Tax Benefit Hydrogen Energy" Special Action Held in Pengfei



In order to further play the role of tax function and support the high-quality development of the city's "985" key industrial chains and specialized towns, the launching ceremony of the special action "tax benefit hydrogen energy"-"tax benefit hydrogen energy" sponsored by luliang city tax bureau and undertaken by xiaoyi city tax bureau and pengfei group was held at pengfei headquarters on may 6.



Wang Shaofeng, Secretary of the Party committee and director of Luliang Taxation Bureau, Zhang Cuizhen, member of the Standing Committee of Xiaoyi municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor, Huang Haiwen, member of the Party committee and chief economist of Luliang Taxation Bureau, Wang Xiaojun, Secretary of the Party committee and director of Xiaoyi Taxation Bureau, and Zheng Peng, chairman and President of Pengfei Group, Nearly 200 people attended the meeting.





Wang Shaofeng pointed out that the Luliang Municipal Taxation Bureau attaches great importance to the development of "chain-owned" enterprises and specialized towns. Guided by the 32nd National Tax Publicity Month, it has jointly launched a series of "Tax Benefit Luliang" activities with relevant municipal departments, and has fully implemented practical measures such as "Tax Housekeeping Service' 985'", "Luliang Taxation" Town "Prosperation Plan" and "Tax Silver Electricity" Precision Service, in the service of Luliang City "985" key industrial chain and professional town high-quality development showed the tax responsibility. Lvliang City Taxation Bureau innovated the customized tax service mode of large enterprises, and launched the special action of "tax benefit hydrogen energy". As an important part of the series of activities of "tax benefit Luliang", the tax power is used to help Lvliang City build a "new highland" for the development of hydrogen energy industry ".



Zhang Cuizhen hopes that more entrepreneurs will enter Xiaoyi and work together to build a hydrogen energy industry demonstration zone with the most complete industrial chain and the highest technical level in the country. The Xiaoyi Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government will provide the strongest policy support and strive to create a market-oriented, international, and legalized business environment. Strive to create a professional town with hydrogen energy characteristics in the province, and strive to build a national first-class hydrogen energy industry base.



Focusing on further solving the urgent and anxious problems of taxpayers and effectively improving service efficiency, the Luliang Municipal Taxation Bureau has made every effort to implement the special action of "tax benefits and hydrogen energy" to promote the upgrading of tax services for the convenience of the people. Through the live broadcast connection, Wang Xiaojun unveiled and officially opened the "special seats" for Pengfei Group's self-service ticket collection machine and hydrogen energy service in the tax office.



Zheng Peng delivered a speech as a representative of taxpayers. First of all, on behalf of Shanxi Hydrogen Energy Industry Alliance and Pengfei Group, he extended a warm welcome to all the leaders and guests who came to attend the launching ceremony! He said that Pengfei, as the main enterprise of the whole industrial chain of hydrogen energy, has received great care and support from the State Administration of Taxation of Shanxi Province. Under the precise policy initiative of Luliang City Taxation Bureau and Xiaoyi City Taxation Bureau, Pengfei has launched this special action of "tax benefit hydrogen energy", which has strongly promoted the rapid development of hydrogen energy industry. Pengfei will make every effort to implement the directive spirit of the provincial party committee secretary Lan Foan's research speech in Luliang, speed up the promotion of projects under construction, actively expand the application scenarios of hydrogen energy, occupy the first opportunity in the "blue sea" of hydrogen energy, speed up development, and use hydrogen as the medium and hydrogen as the core to "enable hydrogenation" for the high-quality development and modernization of our province ".



At the end of the ceremony, the participating leaders and business representatives came to the stage together and pressed the "Smart Tax Customization" service start-up device to light up the glorious future of the high-quality development of the hydrogen energy industry.