Pengfei Reached Consensus on Friendly Exchanges with Vaz Valley Province of France



From April 15th to 22nd, Tang Zhiping, a member of the party group of the Shanxi Provincial Government and Vice Governor, led a Shanxi delegation to participate in the 2023 Hannover Messe in Germany and carried out economic and trade activities for investment promotion at the European station, opening the province's industrial transformation cooperation and investment promotion in 2023 Cross-border trip. Zheng Peng, chairman and president of the board of directors of Pengfei Group, was accompanied by representatives of entrepreneurs.




On April 17, at Hannover Messe, known as "the flagship exhibition in the field of global industrial trade", "the barometer of world industrial trade" and "the weather vane of global industrial technology development", Pengfei Group anchored the carbon reduction path of green and high-quality development, which was concerned and praised by people from all over the world.

Philips Shuhe, executive vice-governor of Vaz Valley, France, learned at the Expo that Pengfei Group is a digital, recycling and green private enterprise integrating raw coal mining, clean coal washing, coke smelting, modern coal chemical industry, automobile manufacturing, intelligent logistics, high-end real estate, cultural tourism hotels, waste materials recycling, hydrogen energy whole industry chain, etc, it is a green and low-carbon technology enterprise with a leading advantage in the implementation of the "double carbon" goal. The industries involved are in line with the development of the Vaz Valley Province, and thus show strong interest. Zheng Peng was specially invited to visit the Vaz Valley Province.




On April 21, Zheng Peng and his entourage had in-depth friendly exchanges with Philips Shuhe, executive vice governor and director of the Provincial Department of Commerce, Jean Francois Bennon, in the picturesque Vaz Valley Province, and reached relevant consensus.


France is the initiator of the Paris Climate change Agreement, and Paris will set an example in reducing carbon, switching from the current carbon energy to hydrogen energy; Charles de Gaulle International Airport, the largest airport on the European continent, plans to achieve hydrogen energy. Pengfei can provide hydrogen energy for urban development and global hydrogen airports.


Vazi Valley Province has advanced research and development technology and achievements of hydrogen energy aircraft with less than 20 seats, and can come to Shanxi to jointly invest and build factories with Pengfei.


Dassault is a world-renowned aircraft manufacturer. It is now committed to the development of advanced business aircraft. It plans to cooperate with Pengfei in Shanxi to establish a business aircraft maintenance center.